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The effects of Covid on your Supplements

Let’s talk about something that you may not have directly noticed. That is, how Covid has affected your sports nutrition and the supplements you buy. If you haven’t seen the effects of Covid then you must have been living under a rock (lucky you!).

Covid has affected the following:

  • Price of raw ingredients
  • Availability of raw ingredients
  • Lead times for raw ingredients
  • Price and availability of packaging
  • Lead times for packaging

As you may have noticed, everything is going up in price. Also, you may have noticed things not just getting much more expensive but also scarce! This is the world we currently live in. Lack of microchips, lack of containers, lack of staff, lack of raw ingredients etc

When it comes to sports nutrition, LA Muscle has been trying extremely hard in the background to ensure your prices and availability stay the same. Unlike many other competitors, LA Muscle still has most of its range in stock pretty much at all times. Prices have also stayed the same despite a general 20-40% price rise on some raw materials. There is a shortage of things like Suma Root, Creatine, Plastic tubs and prices for many raw ingredients have shot up and continue to go up weekly!

The conclusion is, if you see an LA Muscle supplement that you like with the “in stock” symbol next to it, make sure you order it then and there! There is no guarantee of anything these days! People are buying more and supply lines are extremely uncertain.

Take Burn Belly Fat for example. A beautiful powerful new product by LA Muscle. Demand has been so high that it is now sold out and the next batch is unlikely to come for another 2 months, if you are lucky.

It’s very uncertain times out there and because of LA Muscle’s size, we are able to bring you the same formulas at the same prices. How long for, nobody knows! Make sure you grab what you need now.

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