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Top 5 Nutrition Hacks for Building Muscle This Winter


Most people look forward to intensifying training before or during the holiday season because they anticipate an increased calorie intake. The truth is that the holiday season allows you to indulge because, why not? You are around your loved ones, and there is always plenty to eat and drink. And before you know it, your calorie intake has shot through the roof. But there is no need to panic, and taking one or two days off the hard diet might even be good for you.

You do not need to spend your holiday going harder in the gym to burn calories and bulk up, especially if you can work your way around nutrition. Instead, spend that time with your loved ones and focus on bulking up responsibly and trying out new foods.

Here are some nutrition hacks for building muscle that you should try this winter holiday.

Try new foods

Maybe you already have the perfect nutritional formula for bulking up, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying new things. Take some time off your usual diets and explore during this winter. It's time to swap your chicken with salmon and add some variety here and there. The wintertime is a period where your brain tends to slow down, so you need to tweak your diet to avoid food intolerances. Sometimes your body you to eat new foods.

Because you spend less time outdoors during winter, you do not get enough sunlight, and your vitamin D levels may begin to drop. It is crucial to include foods rich in vitamin D. Do not skip the following foods rich in vitamin D:

Mackerel, Sardines, Beef liver, Cod liver oil, Eggs

Probiotics for boosting the immune system

It is common knowledge that many people feel sick during winter, and that is why it is sometimes called the flu season. During the cold months, your immune system drops and when combined with other factors, you become exposed to different types of sicknesses. The digestive tract is the breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria and viruses. So, eating foods with high amounts of sugar and fat will create an imbalance of gut bacteria, which will make you susceptible to illnesses.

Foods such as Greek yoghurt and Kombucha are excellent sources of probiotics. But you could try other popular foods including, Tempeh, Kimchi, buttermilk, and pickles.

Eat more protein

If you are serious about bulking during the winter, then you need to up your protein intake. Your body needs amino acids, which are essential for repairing broken muscle tissue, and protein is rich in these compounds. Protein supplements help boost your protein needs to improve muscle growth during winter. Try and use a high quality protein supplement like LA Whey Gold to provide your body with all the needed amino acids.

Do not reduce your carbs

Carbs indeed have a reputation for weight gain, so people are constantly looking for ways to reduce their carb intake. Reducing carbs may be counterproductive to your winter muscle gains since you need the calories to create energy for a workout. Carbs not only provide you with energy but also allow your body to utilise protein more efficiently. If you are worried about overeating, you should calculate your daily calorie intake to keep you on track.

Keep a specific eating schedule

Eating whenever you feel like it will most likely make you fat, and the last thing you want is adding fat when you should be adding muscles. Create a meal schedule and stick to it religiously. When you eat is as crucial as what you eat. So, you must ensure that you stay away from eating late.

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