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The TRUTH about LA Muscle supplements

Many owners of supplements companies say they started their companies to fill a gap, or give “the best supplements” and usually “at the best prices”. It’s all the same stuff, relabelled and regurgitated to make you think you are getting something amazing.


Well, I didn’t start LA Muscle some 20 years ago to fill a gap or to give you the best prices! I started LA Muscle because I was working for the number 1 sports nutrition company at the time and I didn’t like the fact that their stuff was not 100% pure the way it should have been.


So, I set about travelling the world to find the best raw ingredients that WERE 100% pure and decided to start LA Muscle. LA Muscle’s motto was and still is to provide THE finest raw ingredients, the rarest raw ingredients, the most expensive raw ingredients in formulas that are unmatched.


What really gets me about the current state of sports nutrition is the blatant lies that companies tell you and somehow, most people don’t see through this. You see, most companies don’t like to spend the big bucks on the expensive raw ingredients. Even if they did, they don’t have the sort of manufacturing facilities you need to make the really heavy duty formulas like the LA Muscle ones. As you may have noticed, we don't sell candy bars disguised as "supplements"!!!


Look around on any sports nutrition website and what do you see? Protein candy, protein popcorn, protein bites, protein bars, protein cookies! Really? You think all these so-called "supplements" full of sugar are going to build you a nice lean body? And yet you buy their cheap stuff and pour it into your body. They are not going to tell you! Of course they are not! It’s hard to compete in the current sports nutrition industry so they will sell you whatever they can. You have to use your own brain!


If you want to get ripped, do you need a full-force, pharmaceutical grade fat burner like Fat Stripper Intense or do you need some protein candy? If you want to get very strong, lean and muscular, do you need a powerful pharma-grade Testosterone booster like Norateen Heavyweight II or some protein bars full of sugar, syrup and other rubbish?


LA Muscle supplements are not cheap. They never were and never will be. When you want the very best raw ingredients for your customers, you need to cough up! I cough up! When you are not afraid to use rare ingredients that produce real results but are 4x the price because they only get harvested once a year, then your end formula is not going to be as cheap as all the rest.. but boy does it produce results!

Do yourself a favour, stop putting all that cheap rubbish in your precious body and get serious. We are here to make sure you get the gains you have been wanting and not to scam you. Trust the LA Muscle name and see why we have been around for over 20 years serving millions of customers and still going strong.

Parham Donyai

Founder & CEO
LA Muscle Group

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