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6 Science Proven Ways To Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is an essential male sex hormone. However, it is normal for testosterone levels to drop as a person ages. But there are ways to ensure that this decline can be slowed down or even reversed.

Low levels of testosterone can negatively affect a person’s body composition through weight gain as people age. Another negative effect of low testosterone levels is poor sexual function leading to erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and ultimately low infertility.

There are numerous ways to enhance testosterone levels, whether through natural remedies or supplementation. If you are looking to give your testosterone levels a boost, follow these six proven methods.

Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep is one of the major causes of low testosterone levels and different chemicals that the body needs for various functions. Several studies have found that men who lack regular sleep are more likely to have low testosterone levels than those who get enough sleep.

Regardless of how busy you are or caught up with your daily hustle, you must ensure that sleep is a priority. Scientists recommend a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Keeping a regular sleep schedule may help you maintain a high testosterone level.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, amino acids, and different types of vitamins is one of the easiest ways to maintain healthy testosterone levels. A person who is overweight and has low testosterone levels may develop impaired neurological conditions and inflammatory disease.

Other researches have shown that a yo-yo dieting or overeating can disrupt hormonal levels. The best diets include whole foods, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Stay active

A study showed that active adults tend to have stable testosterone levels. For improving testosterone levels, physical activity such as exercise proved to be more beneficial than weight loss. However, it is always vital to do things in moderation as overtraining is a cause of low testosterone.

Minimize stress

Stress affects every aspect of adult life, including physical and mental health. Chronic stress is associated with increasing the release of cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for immune response and metabolism. High levels of cortisol in the body negatively affect the production of testosterone.

Reduce stress and rest more if you want your testosterone level to return to its optimum level.

Reduce alcohol and drug abuse

Using alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism for stress is harmful to your health in multiple ways. A scientific study revealed that the abuse of alcohol affects the hormones involved in male reproductive processes. Alcohol has also proven to cause cell damage and adverse hormonal reactions leading to low testosterone levels.

By reducing alcohol use, your body will perform its typical functions involved in hormone production and maintenance of hormonal balance.

Using vitamins and supplements

Vitamin D supplements have shown positive results in correcting testosterone deficiency and even an elevation of testosterone levels. If you do not want to use vitamin D supplements, ensure that you get at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day to maintain vitamin D levels. Other natural sources of vitamin D include salmon, grains, and dairy products.

Testosterone boosters such as Male Boost will provide you with right ingredients to increase your testosterone levels and improve your libido.

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