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Study finds becoming a father reduces Testosterone levels!

A recent study has found that becoming a father reduces a man's levels of Testosterone. If you are a dad, then you know that following the birth your Testosterone levels were low. Some of it is due to the stress, a lot due to lack of sleep but now, a new study has found that there is another more interesting reason.


A study of more than 400 young men in the Philippines found that their sex lives declined significantly when they had their first child. It is known that when men get married their Testosterone levels fall and decline even further when they had their first child. That led to the question of whether falling Testosterone might impact on their sex lives.


The author of the study claims that the lower levels of Testosterone could well be due to the men being committed to their child and not wanting to "fool around" and go out there looking for excitement. Whether it is lack of sleep, stress, nature holding back the animal instinct or just not being interested in sex, there is definitely a reduction in Testosterone in men following the birth of their first child.


One way to counteract this is to take Testosterone Boosters but if nature has intended the men to stay put and look after their newborn and their wife, then Testosterone Boosters may well interfere with this amazing natural phenomena.

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