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Banned by Amazon!

Find out at the end of this article why we are giving away 20%

We recently launched the LA Muscle range on

Why has it taken so long for us to launch on Amazon?

After all, we’ve only been in business since 1997! The answer is because in the last few months the pandemic has changed the way people purchase items, online retail has griown massively and Amazon is extremely well placed to meet this growing demand with their Prime program.

We always knew LA Muscle was not a perfect fit with Amazon’s “pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap” policy. At LA Muscle we prize the quality of our products, we don't cut corners to make them cheap. After all, this your body we are talking about here. There are a LOT of nutritional supplement products on Amazon, mostly cheap with shiny labels with pictures of lightning bolts all over them. These products sell in huge quantities and end up leaving a huge amount of buyers dissapointed, now believing supplements don’t work. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is Amazon's issue with LA Muscle?

Amazon have banned about half of our range currently. In a nutshell, Amazon believe they are TOO STRONG for your average buyer. The reasoning being down to the synergistic patented formulas we use. We don’t put too much or too little of any single ingredient. We get it perfectly, scientifically balanced so that the resulting formula is powerful and very fast acting.The truth is, they are NOT too strong, otherwise we would not be selling them, but they are VERY strong, and certainly more powerful than all the cheap ones, and crucially they are 100% natural and 100% safe.

You can be rest assured we will not be changing any of our formulas just to sell on Amazon! We remain commited to producing the very best sports nutrition supplements in the world, whatever the cost. 

This is why LA Muscle is still at the top, after almost 25 years in business. We were the first sports supplement company to offer a 100% money Back Guarantee if you don’t love our products after trying them. Many other companies copied this policy, and went out of business swiftly afterwards! Some still do offer this guarantee, we don't think most of them won't be around much longer. 

Our products are premium grade, they have unique formulas which no other company can match, which is why they are more expensive than most. Nothing comes close to LA Muscle quality. Our customers want the highest quality money can buy, with fast results and gains, and importantly they want to get to their goal naturally, with no nasty ingredients, no fillers, nothing dangerous, because with gains made like this, you keep 'em. Fuel your body with the right nutrition, train hard, rest well, and you will get those results.

If you are concerned LA Muscle is too expensive, but really want to get in on the action, we are offering a 20% off for all new buyers. Use Checkout Code: GET-ME-IN-20

This code is good through to the end of the year. Buy what you need with it, feel the difference and you’ll never go back. That is a 100% promise. 

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