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The LA Muscle USA Referrals Program

For every person you refer to LA Muscle USA:

1. They get 20% OFF their FIRST order
2. You get 20% in LA Muscle USA Store Credit of the value of your referred buyers first order AND
3. You also get 10% in Store Credit for ALL FUTURE ORDERS from your referred buyers. No other company does this!

GIVE your unique code out now to start earning lots of LA MUSCLE USA Store Credit which you can convert on-line to FREE products delivered straight to your door!

It takes just a few seconds to get started...
1. Create an account with LA Muscle USA (if you don't already have one).
2. In your account dashboard register with The LA Muscle USA Referrals Program


3. Once you are signed up, in your Referrals Program Dashboard you will find your unique 'Affiliate Referral Link' and 'Affiliate Referral Coupon Code'. Share either of these to start saving money and generating in-store credit.

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