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Swimming For Improving Body Composition And Weight Loss

Are you looking at the elegant physique of both male and female professional swimmers, and you wonder if it has anything to do with swimming? You are absolutely right. Those broad, chiselled shoulders and fit looking bodies are created in the swimming pool. As a form of exercise itself, swimming can help you improve your body composition and even lose some weight in the process.

Swimming is regarded as one of the best forms of exercise. It involves every part of your body, from your arms and shoulders to your feet. It also improves your fitness level and tightens up your muscles without engaging in any other type of physical exercise.

Swimming for improved body composition

It is a fact that swimming does change your body shape. The more time you spend swimming, the more changes to your body that you can hardly recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. Swimming will give you a slightly elongated yet fit physique with broadened shoulders, just like the perfect swimmer's body you have been coveting.

But how does swimming do all of that? Well, swimming is recognized as a method of exercise by fitness experts and health practitioners worldwide. Unlike strength training or weight lifting, swimming is gentle on your muscles, and it comes with many benefits. But if you are wondering how it will change your body shape, it is a combination of a few things:

Arms and shoulders: Breaststrokes, back crawl, front crawl, and butterfly are swimming styles that sculpt your arms and shoulders.

Back: Your back muscles benefit immensely from the backstroke.

Abs: Crunches and planks are great, but swimming can get you results in a shorter time without even knowing it.

Legs: Regardless of the swimming style, your legs are always involved, so you will not skip them when swimming for better body shape.

Glutes: Your glutes benefit a lot from swimming since they are involved no matter the swimming style.

Swimming for weight loss

Swimming does burn plenty of calories, and it is an advantage if you are trying to lose belly fat or swap body fat for some lean muscle. Swimming may not get you similar results when compared to your regular strength training. But it sure can cut down your body fat by a decent margin.

Many people are struggling with weight loss and have tried different types of diets with almost no progress. At a point, it gets frustrating. For many people, strength training and the routines involved do not seem like fun.

Regular swimming – jumping in the pool and floating around – won't cut it. What you need is a specific swimming pattern that targets the fat deposits in your tummy. Try the following swimming routines.

  • Swim with your back and your body as straight as possible if you want to lose belly fat.
  • Incorporate some cardio into your swimming. For instance, swim for a minimum of 15 minutes non-stop. This is similar to running, and it will help increase your blood flow.
  • Once you are done with the 15-minute swimming cardio, swim to the deep end and do some water-treading

Like most activities aimed at building muscle, losing fat, and improving body composition, you need to practice patience, eat healthy by reducing fat intake and be consistent with swimming exercise and strength training.

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