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Steroids v Supplements THE FACTS

We have a few adverts for Norateen online and sometimes people make comments like: “I rather take steroids for that money”.

People who make comments like this either have no real regard for their health or are gravely misinformed. In this article we will address the way a steroid works and the way a supplement works. Then you can make your own decision but at least it will be an informed decision.


What are steroids and how do they work?

Anabolic steroids are the synthetic derivatives of testosterone. In other words, they are artificially made in a lab. Steroids promote the growth of muscle mass in your body.

Whether taken orally or through an injection, steroids travel through the bloodstream to your muscles. They go into your muscle cell’s androgen receptor and interact with your cell’s DNA, stimulating protein synthesis which promotes cell/muscle growth.

Anabolic steroids also block off cortisol, which means less muscle is broken down and you recover faster.

People take one or more steroids at different intervals or mix and match them (stacking and cycling). The reality is that most people are going blind when it comes to steroids or are advised by someone in their gym who has also taken steroids or they take the "honest" advise of the dealer!!!!

Anabolic steroids are a prescription-only medicine and those who take it without a prescription are really playing Russian Roulette with their body. No account of medical history, allergies, genetic predispositions or family history is taken by the steroid supplier!

Think about it for a minute! You only have one body and in your quest to get bigger and look better, you follow the crowd or get coaxed into taking a very active, dangerous prescription-only medicine by someone with no medical experience.

The biggest issue with anabolic steroids is that they interfere with your own body’s monitoring system and often shut down your own hormone production. This is why when you come off steroids, you lose a huge amount of the size you gained whilst you were on steroids and why most people become “addicted” to steroids.


The difference between steroids and supplements

A supplement is basically a pill/capsule containing concentrated food and nutritional ingredients. A supplement is NOT an anabolic steroid. Supplements contain things that you will otherwise never be able to get from normal foods in those high quantities that you can get in a supplement.

These ingredients in high doses have a physiological effect on your body and can make changes in your muscle mass and body-fat levels as well as other things such as recovery, energy, well-being.

A supplement like Norateen Heavyweight II is not an anabolic steroid. It can work in a similar way through its ingredients by increasing protein depositing and reducing cortisol and in the long-term be much more effective and safer.

Whilst Testosterone-boosting supplements may not blow you up the way an anabolic steroid does, they tend to work more in tune with your body, getting your own body to do the increase in Testosterone and therefore not shutting down your own body’s monitoring and hormone production systems.

This is the biggest reason why even when you come off a Testosterone supplement like Norateen Heavyweight II, you do not lose the size you gained because Norateen has worked “with” your body as opposed to “against”.

So, let’s say with an anabolic steroid you may put 10kgs in 2 years but 8 kgs of it goes on in the first 6 months, you will then likely lose 8kgs of it when you come off them.

With a supplement, you may put 10 kgs in 2 years but it will be a steady growth and when you stop using the supplement, you should keep most of that 10kgs as long as you are still training and eating well.

Unlike anabolic steroids which are banned by the IOC, many supplements are not banned. Most supplements contain natural ingredients and are perfectly fine to take for many people. The list of side effects from steroids is huge starting from acne all the way to death. Most supplements have zero side effects.

If you are one of the people who see adverts for supplements like Norateen Heavyweight II and Norateen Gold and automatically say things like “I rather take steroids” then you are entitled to say that - but please say it when you are fully informed of all the facts! Hopefully this article has helped.
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