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How to deal with Haters


The term hater is a relatively new term and it has come about mostly as a result of social media.

With so many people sitting behind their computer/ phone screens and critiquing others, it has become very easy to go over-board and make someone feel bad about what they are doing - or what they have posted.

Fact is, haters have always been around but the form of their hating has changed! In years gone by, haters were jealous people, bullies or just bad people. They would do their hating in your face or to those around you.

Now, hating can be done online from the comfort of your sofa! Its effects can be devastating for the recipient. Worst of all, the hater may never even get to know the damage they have caused.

So, how do you effectively deal with haters?
The technological age has impacted things somewhat but the “answer” has remained the same and that is, pay no attention to them!

For some of you, this may be easier said than done. The reality however does not change which is, haters are judgemental, sad, angry people who are not happy with themselves. They are opinionated and many of them are bullies.

The number 1 way to deal with bullies is to ignore them. However, if this doesn’t work, you need to fight back.

On social media, this can be by “blocking” or reporting the haters. In the real world, it can be avoiding them, reporting them to a relevant body or fighting them back (which is not for everyone).

Sometimes with haters, especially online, their comments may actually help you become better as a person. Not all haters are harmful. Don't be too sensitive. Concentrate on the "self" and if a hater can contribute to your self-growth, then great!

Never let haters or negative people get in the way of your life and your goals. You cannot deal with all the haters and you cannot please them. You need to get on with your own life and try and minimise their effect on your life as much as you can.

At the end of the day, the best revenge is achieving your goals and reaching your own happiness while the haters stew in their own misery and sad life.

Parham Donyai
Founder, LA Muscle

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