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5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Toning Your Abs

Can you tone up your abs? That is perhaps the most common question many of us have when trying to lose body fat. In order to get flat abs, we probably have performed countless stomach exercises, but to no avail.

Although it’s impossible to imagine how one body part can cause so much pain, it does. Everyone’s body reacts differently to exercise and diet, and we have no control over that, It is impossible to control where and how much fat we store or lose. This is true especially for the midsection.

So, how can you get flat abs? Understanding your body’s capabilities and how much control you have over fat loss is important.

Misinformation and unrealistic expectations are largely to blame for the frustration surrounding getting flat abs. Trainers all over the world work hard to convince people that they need to work hard to get the much desired “six-pack.” However, many people still adhere to outdated beliefs on how to reach their desired abs goals.

Now, let’s discuss the five important facts about toning your abs.

Ab exercises alone will not reduce abdominal fat

In reality, Spot reduction does not work on the abs or anywhere else on the body. When you have fat over your abs, there is the fallacy of spot reduction that claims that exercising your abs will make the fat disappear. Exercise may increase endurance or strength, but it will not remove fat from that area, since your body uses energy from the entire body, and not just from the area you are exercising.

To burn belly fat, you must create a calorie deficit by exercising consistently - cardio, weight training and eating a healthy diet and you can even benefit from using supplements.

Everyone has six packs

Abs are an integral part of human anatomy. Everyone, even those with the highest fat levels, have a set of abdominal muscles. However, in most instances, these muscles are hidden beneath layers of body fat. To reveal the six-pack, you need to work on lowering fat levels.

Abdominal muscles are the same as other muscles

Many people work their abs every day without resting in the hope that more exercise will burn fat. Your abs are just like any other muscle in your body. Therefore, you should exercise them the same way you would exercise your chest or biceps. That means strength training twice or three times a week with a day or two of rest in between, as well as a combination of various exercises targeting different parts of your abdominal muscles.

It is important to understand that strength training is important to maintain a strong core, and ab exercises are not magic. The only way to achieve toned abs is to include ab exercises in a comprehensive program.

Quality over quantity

Again, your abs are like other body muscles. The key to strong abs is not about quantity, but about quality. Just as you wouldn't do 100 pullups, you shouldn't perform 100 crunches. If you want to strengthen your abs, use the same principles as you would other muscles throughout your body. Your obliques, rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis should be targeted with a variety of exercises. Consider your abs as more than a way to look great. They're meant to help you maintain proper posture and support your spine.

You do not need special equipment

In addition, ab exercises do not require any specialized equipment, so they can be performed at home. The truth is that you can perform an assortment of ab exercises with just your body weight, exercise ball, or any other standard gym equipment, which will actually cost you less than the ab toning gadgets advertised on the TV and internet.

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