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The Truth About Protein

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Full guide to different proteins including LA Muscle one


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20 pages of precise protein info.
Which protein is best for you? Find out...
Full guide to LA Muscle Proteins for your specific goals

The truth about protein supplements is a comprehensive 20 page guide detailing:


What are the best proteins

The difference between various proteins: Whey, hemp, egg, soya etc

The very best protein for building muscles and losing weight

Do proteins actually make a difference to your body?

Ideal high protein day

Secrets of the "Iron Guru"

Can protein be bad for you?

The best way to consume protein

A run-down of the best LA Muscle proteins for your specific goals


Whether you are a newbie or an advanced trainer, you will find something useful in this comprehensive, detailed protein guide. Order it now and start improving your knowledge and fine-tuning your body by utilising the best protein in the most efficient way.

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