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Why your safety matters when formulating LA Muscle supplements

LA Muscle has been around since 1997. That’s a long time in the sports nutrition industry. Most companies come and go within a year.

The reason why LA Muscle has been around so long apart from the great products and fantastic service is that LA Muscle does not give in to fads.

At its heart, LA Muscle has a scientific R&D team and actual laboratories that devote their time to researching the very best ingredients and developing bespoke, high grade formulas just for LA Muscle.

Most other companies don’t have a clue when it comes to ingredients. They just copy others or they buy generic formulas and relabel them.

When everyone was cramming in Beta Ecdysterone into their supplements because they thought “more was better”, LA Muscle stuck to science and not one person suffered any side effects whilst many users of competitors’ formulas didn’t fare as well. LA Muscle owns and was one of the pioneers of this amazing ingredient.

When the big fad was Humanafort (chicken embryos), LA Muscle knew this was a ridiculous and useless new fad and stayed well away from it. Most other supplements companies brought out a chicken embryo supplement!

When everyone panicked with the banning of Ephedra and packed Ma Huang into their fat loss formulas with terrible consequences for the customers, LA Muscle stuck to its natural Fat Stripper and not one customer suffered any side effects like the ones people got with the dangerous Ma Huang.

The same can be said with S>A>R>M- S today. This is the new fad and an extremely dangerous game to play with your body.

You are much better off sticking with a company like LA Muscle which is owned by an ethical, qualified and cautious owner and uses the formulas himself! LA Muscle is not all about profit. LA Muscle is about giving you the very best yet at the same time, THE SAFEST sports nutrition supplements you can get.

When you buy an LA Muscle supplement, you have the guarantee that you will not get any side effects and that they are safe and super effective.

All LA Muscle supplements come with a 100% unconditional no questions money back guarantee even if you have used the whole tub! Trust the LA Muscle name. Buy the best.

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