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Why you should train like a Powerlifter

One of the ways to get bigger and stronger, faster, especially when you are taking supplements like the Norateen® range is to train like a powerlifter.

Training like a powerlifter engages your big muscles and puts more size on you in a faster time. It also tells your body that you want to get big and muscular a lot more clearly, than if you were to train like a bodybuilder, concentrating on every single muscle in your workouts.

You don’t need to do biceps or forearm workouts when you are doing big heavy push and pulls, because they get worked anyway and they grow anyway!

Norateen supplements in particular work much better in conjunction with a routine which is geared up more towards powerlifting.

What is a powerlifting routine?

A powerlifting routine is one that incorporates the following exercises. This list is not exhaustive:

  • The Squat
  • The Bench Press
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Military Press
  • Pull Ups or Lat PullDowns
  • Bent-Over Rows
  • Farmer’s Walk
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Leg Press
Try a split routine incorporating powerlifting exercises for the ultimate growth. Use a supplement like Norateen Heavyweight II alongside this sort of routine to get very strong and very muscular fast.
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