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Why supplements ingredients matter

Some people are skeptical of supplements, asking how can they make a difference? This is a genuine belief arising from lack of knowledge, bad experiences or just a general reluctancy to accept that there are genuine accelerators out there.
Many keyboard warriors post on forums and other places things like: supplements don’t work, just eat and train and you will be fine or go for a run to lose weight.
Whilst training, eating, resting and running all have their place and they are the building blocks for losing weight or gaining muscles, supplements also have their place in the world of body aesthetics and sports performance.
The ingredients that you get in a sports nutrition supplement are often those that cannot be derived from food - not in sufficient quantities to make a difference in your body anyway.
For example, whereas you can get 5g of Creatine from a small scoop of something like Nuclear Creatine, you would need to eat 1.5 kg of chicken meat or 1 kg of steak to get the same amount.
If you wanted 10g of Creatine a day to improve your sports performance, muscle mass and stamina, you would need to eat almost 3kgs of chicken meat every day!
And that’s just Creatine! If you now wanted to increase muscle mass further by say, consuming Fenugreek, reduce body fat by incorporating L-Carnitine and so on, you are going to have to eat a LOT of food to get enough of those ingredients. This is an impossible task. You would get fat before you get fit or muscular!
THIS is where supplements come in. When it comes to sports nutrition, scientifically-driven companies like LA Muscle have done the hard work for you, so you can just take the supplements as instructed and see great results.
LA Muscle’s various Pharma-grade supplements contain scientifically-proven ingredients that give you accelerated results when it comes to muscle-building and weight loss. You just have to take the supplements as instructed to see great results and you can be rest assured that your money is well spent because there is NO WAY you are going to get the high doses of the ingredients in the various LA Muscle supplements from your normal diet - even if you were minded to eat a cow a day!
Supplements like Norateen Heavyweight II give you ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Velvet Bean and Beta Ecdysterone in sufficient doses to cause a significant and rapid increase in muscle mass. The ingredients have been tested in various combinations and the final formula is a synergistic blend of what has been shown to give the best results. No amount of extra food would do this. You cannot eat enough in one day to get all the 6 active ingredients in this award-winning formula.
The same goes for a supplement like Fat Stripper Intense. You cannot get all the 7 fat burning ingredients in this formula in sufficient quantities from food alone.
When it comes to increasing muscle mass or reducing fat, if you are lucky enough to come across scientifically researched formulas like those produced by LA Muscle, you will most definitely see results over and above normal diet and training. This is why there IS a place for supplements in your training regime and goal-setting and you should not be influenced by those who have either not tried supplements or have tried inferior brands.
All LA Muscle supplements come with a 100% guarantee that if you don’t love them and see incredible results, you get all your money back, even if you have used the whole tub. This is why LA Muscle is so rated by those who have genuinely used its award-winning sports nutrition range.
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