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What is the difference between Norateen Heavyweight II and Norateen Extreme

One of the most common questioned asked of LA Muscle is: “What is the difference between Norateen Heavyweight II and Norateen Extreme?”

They are both very strong natural testosterone boosters that will work with your own body, telling it to boost natural Testosterone and growth levels. Because of the ingredients they contain they act as triggers for organs/glands such as the testes and pituitary to increase the production of muscle building hormones. This increase does not happen with food alone.

You can take either Norateen Heavyweight II or Norateen Extreme alone or together. You can also take one first and then the other. There is no right or wrong way, though most people start on Norateen Heavyweight II first.

You can start on Norateen Heavyweight II and see how you get on. If after 1-2 months you are still getting great gains, continue until the gains get less, at which point you can switch to Norateen Extreme for more muscle & strength.

Norateen Heavyweight II and Norateen Extreme contain different ingredients that do the same job. By taking one first and then another, you are continuously building muscle and size. By taking them together if you have the budget, you are doubling the results in the same period of time.

There is no right or wrong way of taking them. As long as you take either or both, take them every day and not miss doses, you will build an unbelievable amount of strength in a few days, followed by massive muscles within usually 1-3 weeks.

Norateen® is a Registered muscle builder and has been a best-seller since 1998. There is no stronger legal and natural muscle builder in the world than the Norateen range.

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