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Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

With so much information available everywhere it can get very confusing as to what you should be doing to reach your weight loss goals. We like to think that being healthy and exercising regularly is enough but if results are not seen quickly then people can get easily discouraged.


Try following these simple weight loss tips as a guideline of what needs to be done regularly in order to results sooner than later. Some of these tips are obvious, but we promise you that they all will make perfect sense to you and help ensure you achieve great weight loss results.



This is quite an obvious one, but you should be drinking a minimum of 2-3 litres of water each day. An increase in water can reduce bloating, help you feel fuller for longer and keep cravings at bay. This also applies to limiting or eliminating your intake of fizzy drinks and alcohol as they can contribute heavily to your calorie intake, cause dehydration as well as a negative health impact.



Your activity level is key to the amount of calories you’ll burn each day. A lot of people might assume that a workout is enough exercise for one day but things like walking, going up and down stairs and standing up regularly can all benefit your weight loss goals. Anyone working a sedentary job where sitting most of the day should especially look to be more active when possible.



Prepping your meals will ensure you know everything that has gone into it and will help you control your calorie intake. This way you can make sure your meals stay healthy and nutritious to meet your nutrition requirements each day and should hopefully prevent you from eating things you shouldn’t be. If you already make your own meals then you’re a step ahead!



Not only are fruit and vegetables tasty and colourful, they are also packed full of vitamins and minerals and are extremely nutrient dense. If possible, try and include them in every meal to help give your body the nutrients it requires and try to include green vegetables in every lunch and dinner. Those green vegetables will provide the body with much required fibre.



There are so many different types of diets out there and the right diet can mean the difference between success and failure in achieving your health and fitness goals. Choosing the wrong diet can cause you to give up on it too quickly through lack of enjoyment and result in a lack of enthusiasm and motivation for it. Read about a few that seem appealing to you and try each of them for a week or two until you find one that’s right for you that you’d be happy following for a while.




Don’t be afraid to take a rest day. Training too much or too little can have similar negative effects to your health. 1-2 workouts per week is not considered frequent enough to make a good visible difference and on the otherhand, training most days of the week will cause you to burn out and even possibly suffer from injuries and fatigue. 3-4 workouts per week should be your goal with 5 being the maximum as you should look to have 2 rest days per week.

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