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Try This Home HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts have many benefits and take a shorter amount of time to complete that most other types of workouts. They combine strength and cardio, minimise muscle wastage and aid fat loss, as well as continue to burn calories after the workout finishes due to the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption effect. Also, these workouts increase muscle mitochondria density, which is the energy power house of the cell which means that more energy is available to working muscles.


This HIIT workout is designed with the goal of getting your heart rate pumping and as much calories burnt as possible. The aim of HIIT is to be working at 90% or above of your maximal heart rate during the working set.


Skier Lunges


Skier lunges are a plyometric exercise, which means that your muscles exert maximum force in short bursts, with the goal of increasing your muscular power. Skater lunges train the explosive muscle fibres in your lower body, and will definitely get your heart rate up and running.


In and Out Squats


Another plyometric exercise for your lower body explosive type fibres. You will start the workout with these two exercises because the muscles in the lower half of your body are much larger, which means you’re expending more energy at the start of the workout, resulting in getting that all-important heart rate up and running.


Mountain Climbers


Mountain climbers are a core-based exercise that is a variation of the popular plank. Its goal is to predominantly engage your core and upper body, and it involves dynamic styles of movements to once again increase your heart rate.




Burpees are an explosive total body movement that requires an engaged core, motor coordination and spatial awareness in order to execute. Burpees use the three main components of your body, engaging your upper body, core, and lower body. Due to the simultaneous recruiting of muscle groups, high energy expenditure is needed resulting in an even higher heart rate.


Dips on Chair


The first predominantly upper body focused exercise of this workout, and one of the most convenient ones within the workout, as you can do it anywhere with a slight ledge. This is great for your triceps as well as deltoids and chest as well. If the exercise is too easy for you, you can easily change the intensity by straightening or bending your legs. Straightening them gives you less of a mechanical advantage as your arms are taking the full weight of your body, while bending your knees makes the exercise a little easier by taking some of the weight off your arms.


Bicycle Crunch


This workout finishes with a core dominant exercise. This is a great exercise because it engages a number of the core muscles through contralateral (left to right) movement. The goal here is to use the exercise as a movement of intensity, rather than a regular crunch, once again to get your heart rate pumping. If you want to make the exercise more difficult for yourself, then keep your feet a few centimetres above the ground at all times. Like the dips you’ve just performed, this gives you less of a mechanical advantage as your core is taking on the full weight of your legs.

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