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Top 10 Health And Fitness Benefits of Kickboxing

A kickboxing class may be right for you if you're looking for a fun fitness activity that keeps your whole body engaged and allows you to kick and punch things without causing any damage or hurting anyone - not intentionally. There is also the opportunity to meet new people and to do something different from your usual exercise routine while staying active and healthy at the same time. The following are the top 10 health benefits :

1. Helps burn fat

Kickboxing is a combination of cardio and martial arts. Anyone who has taken a kickboxing class knows it is a lot of work. It keeps your body moving constantly and promotes weight loss by increasing calorie burn.

2. Improves overall health and fitness

You work all of your muscles while kickboxing. Besides cardiovascular exercises, you get to train your body's muscles. And the outcome? Stronger muscles and a higher level of resistance.

3. Helps build a toned body

You engage all your muscles with the different kicks, jumps and punches in this workout. It takes a lot of strength and core power to perform kickboxing movements correctly. These types of movements are key to toning your body and giving you a trimmed waist.

4. Self defence

Many kickboxing moves can be used outside the classroom if necessary. Your instructor will mention different moves for different situations. So it is wise to pay attention because it might be useful later.

5. Improves movement coordination

Besides strengthening your core and improving your reflexes, it will also improve your coordination. The majority of techniques require you to move different parts of your body, and as your coordination improves, you will be able to learn new movements faster.

6. Reduce stress and improve concentration

Kicking and punching a bag is the fastest and most effective way to relieve stress. It takes a lot of dedication and concentration to master this exercise, which is a form of martial arts. It is possible to attend kickboxing classes without improving if you do not concentrate on the techniques necessary to perfect the different movements.

7. Improves posture

There is nothing like kickboxing to break up a long day of being stuck at your desk, staring at your phone or typing into your computer. This activity will help your posture since most of the moves require you to be precise and use your core.

8. Boosts energy levels

With this exercise, your body and mind will be pushed to their limits. In addition to helping you release toxins, it will also increase your energy level for a while.

9. Provides an opportunity to socialize

You will have the chance to work with a partner during kickboxing classes and enjoy the energized atmosphere that everyone around you brings. When people are surrounded by others who exercise like themselves, they are more likely to exercise harder and longer. So having more people around should make exercising more enjoyable.

10. Improve balance and flexibility

Stretching is mandatory before and after kickboxing classes. The goal of stretching is to increase flexibility and prevent injuries in the future. You are less likely to sustain an injury if you are more flexible.

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