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Tips For Skinny Guys To Gain Muscle Fast And Safely

According to recent statistics, about 63% of UK adults from 18yrs and above are either overweight or obese. This number equates to around 35 million adults. The prevalence of overweight in adults constitutes a higher percentage of males when compared with females.

On the other side of things, there are many adults with the problem of being too skinny. This is a major concern for many, as being underweight or skinny comes with many health problems as being obese. According to a study, being underweight is worse for men, and they are at risk of infections, impaired immune function, osteoporosis and fractures.

On top of that, many people who are skinny but not clinically underweight may still want to add some weight or build muscle.

Whether you are a skinny guy trying to gain muscle weight or are clinically underweight, there are strategies to help you gain muscle fast without compromising the safety of your health.

Eat more calories

One of the most effective ways of gaining weight is by eating a calorie surplus. This means you need to eat more calories than your body can burn. To achieve this, you first need to calculate how many calories you already take in. When you have figured that out, aim for an additional 500 calories for a gradual weight gain. But if you want to gain weight fast, you can increase your calorie intake by 700 – 900 calories above your regular consumption.

Eat a high protein diet

The most important nutrient for a healthy weight gain is protein. Your muscles are made of protein, and as a result, a lack of it means that the extra calories will be stored as fat. And since gaining weight does not necessarily mean adding fat, eating a lot of protein can help you gain muscle weight.

However, protein is also known for being highly filling. It reduces your feeling of hunger and suppresses your appetite, making it harder for you to eat more calories.

Foods with high protein include fish, meats, dairy products, eggs, nuts, legumes and many others.

You can also use LA Muscle LA Whey Gold to increase your protein intake.

Load up carbs and healthy fats

Most people trying to lose weight reduce their carb and fat intake. But since you are trying to gain weight, you should do the opposite.

Your goal should be to eat a high-carb and high-fat meal. Also, consuming high-protein food will speed up your weight gain. In addition, make sure to eat at least three meals daily and sneak in energy-rich snacks between meals.

Lift heavy weights

Now that you are consuming lots of protein, carbs and fats, you will need to convert them to muscle. It is one thing to want to gain weight, and it’s another to add a lot of fat, which may not be the best for your shape and health. Building muscles is the best way to gain weight, and what better way to achieve that than through lifting weights?

If you need help getting started with lifting weights, seek the help of a trainer. Focus more on lifting weights and doing less cardio. However, you can do some cardio to improve your fitness, but other than that, doing lots of cardio will only burn the additional calories you are consuming.

Use supplements

Again, when you consume a high carb, fat, and protein diet, you must utilise them to build muscle to prevent your body from accumulating fat. Moving from being underweight to being overweight is your goal. Building muscle mass can help you keep your weight under check.

Using supplements to bulk up is best when consuming a lot of fat and carb. This is where muscle building supplements such as the Norateen Heavyweight II, Vasculator, Nuclear Creatine, and LA Whey Gold come in. These supplements will help you increase your testosterone levels, recover faster and provide you with the right nutrients to lift heavy loads and get massive!

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