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The truth about gym supplements

Depending on who you speak to, you will get varying opinions about gym supplements. Do they actually work? Do they REALLY build muscle and strength the way the adverts promise? The answer may surprise you!

Let’s take a look and find out.


A brief history of gym supplements


Muscle building supplement

Egg powder was probably the first real muscle building supplement, widely used by bodybuilders around the world. It was cheap and easy to get and produced good gains.


Milk protein was next as a gym supplement, providing much needed protein for refuelling and rebuilding muscles.


In the 1990s, Creatine was the first true gym supplement that produced incredible gains for bodybuilders. There was no mistaking that Creatine worked and was a proper muscle building supplement. And you know, you can’t really argue with the science behind it either, as it really was “scientifically proven” to increase muscle mass.


So, looking at Creatine, do muscle building supplements actually work? Yes 100% *.


How do Testosterone boosters work?


After egg whites, milk protein, which was followed by the more advanced whey protein and Creatine, things get a little bit more complicated. Why? Because you move on to the realm of Testo boosters and there are varying opinions on them.


In order to make sense of the whole Testosterone Boosting muscle building supplements world, you need to separate a few things out:


  • The formula matters when it comes to gym supplements - What lab has developed the formula and what does it contain? This is very important.
  • Synergy of the formula - More is not always better when it comes to ingredients. HOW the ingredients interact with each other is of prime importance. Some ingredients can cancel others, rendering a formula useless.
  • Quality of the raw materials - You can have the best formula in the world; however if you cut corners and try and save costs on raw ingredients or you just don’t have the facilities to produce a quality gym supplement, then your formula will not be effective.
  • Working with your body, not against it is what makes a gym supplement effective - What does this mean, you ask? A true Testo booster needs to be gentle at first, working “with” your body to awaken its hormonal system and get IT to do the work. An effective muscle building supplement using the Testosterone route, will use a variety of ingredients to trigger your own body to produce more Testosterone and create an anabolic environment, ideal for muscle growth.


FACT: Very few sports nutrition companies have the R&D and manufacturing facilities to create a muscle building supplement that ticks all the above boxes. Most supplements companies re-label generically-produced formulas. LA Muscle is one of the only ones that has an R&D team and produces its own exclusive formulas.


This secret gym supplement is what celebrity trainers use for REAL results for their clients


Once you find the right muscle building supplement that uses the correct testosterone boosting formula, you will leave the rest of your pack in the gym way behind! They will think you are on something else and will never believe your new muscle and strength gains can be coming from a natural gym supplement using testosterone boosters.


Lucky for you, the hard work has been done and you can get your hands on something that makes egg protein, milk and even Creatine look like child’s play!


Gym Supplement

The Norateen® range of muscle building supplements have been around since 1997. They are specific muscle builders using Testosterone boosters, ticking all the above boxes and more to give you precise and significant gains in muscle and strength. All of this without any side effects, using safe and 100% natural ingredients.


If you are new to Norateen® or to muscle building supplements in general and you are looking for quick, effective, no-hassle muscle growth and big gains in muscle size and strength, try Norateen. You don’t need to waste your money on cheaper or ineffective gym supplements that will do nothing and may make you give up on your dreams.


As a starter, try Norateen Heavyweight II. This is a best-selling scientific formula that has been consistently rates as the “Best Muscle Builder” in the world by magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Workout as well as having been extensively reviewed and rated on TV.



Whether you are a total beginner or a professional bodybuilder, you will 100% see very significant gains in strength and lean muscles within just days of taking Norateen Heavyweight II. Millions of people have seen results from this incredible gym supplement since 1997. You are in safe hands.


What are you waiting for? Order Norateen Heavyweight II today and start growing from tomorrow. Your Norateen Heavyweight II tub will be despatched straightaway for rapid delivery to your door.

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