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The Top 5 Tips To Avoid Summer Holiday Weight Gain

The summer holiday can be great fun, but it's also the prime time for weight gain. People are out of their regular routines, eating and drinking more than usual and not exercising as much due to the extra free time they have on their hands. If you want to stay healthy and fit this summer, try these five tips to avoid summer holiday weight gain.

1. Don't stress about your body

It's easy to worry about our bodies, especially when we see bikini-clad bodybuilders and models everywhere. Yes, these people have achieved their fantastic physique through hard work, but so have hundreds of thousands of other people who didn't look like them in high school. Remember: your worth isn't measured by a number on a scale or a size tag—but that doesn't mean your body isn't worth looking after!

2. Stay active

If your goal is to reduce or maintain weight over the summer holiday, you'll want to be sure that you stay active and keep your body moving throughout. This can help keep your metabolism up and running and help you feel better overall. If you can't stand walking, try hitting up a local pool and swimming. While maintaining an active lifestyle during the summer, you can keep your weight down by using Fat Stripper Intense.

3. Cut out alcohol and sugary drinks

Alcohol contains calories, so a pint of beer has about as many calories as a slice of cake. Sugary drinks have nothing going for them, nutritionally speaking. So cutting out alcohol and sugary drinks will go a long way toward your weight-loss goals. If you do drink alcohol during your summer holiday, remember that it takes an hour to burn off each alcoholic drink you consume, so pace yourself! You can also save money by avoiding alcohol and buying cheaper or low-calorie soft drinks. Consider replacing wine with diet soft drinks or even club soda with lime or lemon juice (ensure no sugar is added). Water is always best, but club soda can help if you're used to having something fizzy with your meal. And if all else fails, reduce portion sizes.

4. Don't let yourself get hungry

When you're not eating, your body has more time to burn calories. If you ensure you are never too hungry, and don't let yourself get too full, you can reduce your overall calorie intake over a holiday weekend or other short trip. Keep snacks on hand so that they can be quickly satiated when your hunger cues start to go off. You can carry protein snacks with you to have something healthy to snack on when you are hungry.

5. Snack on nuts and berries

Nuts and berries are two of nature’s most perfect foods. They’re low in calories and high in heart-healthy unsaturated fats, making them a snack you can feel good about eating, as long as you don’t overdo it on portion size!

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