The Norateen Store

In 2017 the makers of Norateen, LA Muscle decided to create a concept store, showcasing their entire range which included the Norateen supplements. The look and feel of the shop came directly from the CEO of LA Muscle, wanting to showcase just what Norateen and LA Muscle were about: unmatched quality, exceptional results, exclusiveness, no compromises and beauty. Beauty in terms of the looks of the store as well as the results from the supplements.


The store opened its doors in London and it was soon referred to as That Store! It was considered a work of art and soon won various awards including runner-up at the Retail Week Design Awards as the Best Store in the United Kingdom. This was another accolade added to the various prestigious awards won by the makers of Norateen. No compromises, no shortcuts. Beautiful supplements for beautiful bodies. Trust the Norateen name. It will never let you down.