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Rock Hard Abs In 15 Mins

You might not be strapped for time these days but if you’re just lacking motivation and are looking for a quick, effective abs workout then look no further! Just three moves for this workout and you’ll be doing a total of five rounds.


V-Sit Kick-Out


Assume a V-sit position with your torso raised, knees bent, feet just above the floor and hands on the floor. Straighten your legs and lower your torso. Pause when your legs are straight, then reverse, lifting your knees to your chest. Go for 10 reps.


Hollow Rock


As soon as you finish your last kick-out, lie with your lower back touching the floor, arms extended and biceps to your ears. Keep your toes pointed, your legs together and your shoulders and feet just off the ground. With your abs and glutes tight, rock back and forth. Go for 20 seconds.


Hollow Hold


After your last rock, you're going to hold tight. With only your lower back touching the floor, lie with your legs together and your arms beside you, holding both just above the ground. Extend your arms behind you and keep tension through your body, driving your shoulders forward while squeezing your abs, glutes and quads. Go for 20 seconds.



After five rounds of these your abs and core should be full worked out for the day and this can be a great go-to ab workout that you can do twice a week literally anywhere to get rock-hard abs in no time!

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