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New study proves Creatine is good for Long Covid

A recent study published in the journal Food Science & Nutrition has shown that Creatine supplementation can benefit those suffering from long Covid, in particular from fatigue.

One of the most devastating effects of long Covid is the constant tiredness and lethargy. Creatine is a supercharger of ATP and athletes have been using it for over 2 decades to improve energy, stamina and performance.

Now this study has conclusively proven that Creatine supplementation for a minimum of 3 months significantly improves levels of fatigue in those tested when compared to the baseline values.

Also, to quote: “Creatine significantly improved scores for several post-COVID-19 fatigue syndrome-related symptoms (e.g., ageusia, breathing difficulties, body aches, headache, and difficulties concentrating) at 6-month follow-up (p < .05).

Some of you may already know that normal pure white Creatine whilst great, does not necessarily make it into the muscle tissue without uptake agents. If you are looking for a seriously strong Creatine supplement that makes sure ALL the Creatine reaches your cells, then you have a choice of Explosive Creatine or Nuclear Creatine.

This new study is great news for anyone suffering from the long-term effects of Covid and proves that Creatine can indeed help with fatigue and other issues from long Covid. It is also significant in that it is a human study and not one performed on rats or other non humans! If you are suffering from long Covid, it may well be worth trying something like Explosive Creatine.


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