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Maintaining A Work-Exercise Balance

Consider fitness this way: a one-hour workout represents only 4 per cent of your day. And a 30-minute workout takes up only 2 per cent. A person can find a way to squeeze exercise into a busy day, no matter how busy their life is. Exercise is a good activity because you can plan it to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Check out these tips on how to fit more exercise into your schedule.

Get creative with your lunch routine

Lunchtime workouts are the most convenient option for those in the typical nine-to-five workday. Have lunch before or after your workout, and then spend the rest of the time walking, pumping iron in the gym, or doing whatever you enjoy. When you return to your office you'll feel refreshed, motivated, and prepared to finish the day.

Consider doing daily desk exercise

Every person is limited to how many responsibilities they can handle. If your schedule is tight, find easy ways to work out throughout the day. Make time for one minute of push-ups. They can be done at home or at work (with the door closed). While at work, you can try to squeeze in another minute of triceps dips on the edge of your chair, push-ups at your desk, lunges or squats - whatever combo suits you best.

Make friends with a fitness-minded colleague

A fit friend will make it tough to skip an exercise session. Find a co-worker who is interested in exercising and help each other reach your fitness goals. It is easy to find excuses not to exercise. But it's not so easy to excuse someone else. You might be more motivated to keep working out if they are at higher different fitness level than you.

Fit a workout into your schedule before work

Although it's not always easy to wake up early, morning workouts can be incredibly beneficial. Getting started makes you feel like you can take on the world. In the end, you keep wondering why you thought of getting back to bed in the first place. As a result, you're ready to take on the day with renewed vigour. Exercise in the morning has the benefit that it gives you the energy to handle your workday and then makes you feel great throughout the day.

Bring gym clothes to work to get in a small exercise after work

Some people are not morning people, and exercising after work can help them ease the stress and anxiety brought on by the workday. Bring a gym bag with sportswear to the office or put it in your car. When you pack a week's worth of clothes in your bag, you won't be able to make the ''I forgot my gym clothes'' excuse.

Join a gym that is open 24-hours a day

Some people do not work nine to five. If that is your case, find a gym that is open 24 hours a day so you can work out during your lunch hour, before work, or after work. You can benefit from these types of hours as well. If you go during those hours, the gym is all yours. You won't have to compete for free weights.

Efficiency, problem-solving skills and knowing what's suitable for your schedule and life will help you create the right time to exercise and balance work and life. When you embrace a fit lifestyle, you will find a way to succeed, regardless of what obstacles you face.

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