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Key Ingredients For Weight Lifting Nutrition

Nutrition for bodybuilding is different from nutrition for endurance sports like running and speed skating. Strength training nutrition requires an increase in protein intake to build stronger muscles. Protein is made up of amino acids, which are the basis for building muscle. Protein is essential to muscle building and vital for repairing tissue damage. Whenever you lift weights, you have to rebuild your sore muscles afterwards.

As muscles get bigger and stronger, the body relies on its protein reserves and food to rebuild them. Although your body can produce some amino acids, it cannot manufacture all of them. Because of this, you need to eat a variety of foods that contain a wide range of amino acids. A variety of amino acids are present in both plant-based and animal products. It is critical to know the biological value (BV) of different protein sources when choosing nutrition for weight training at any level. The biological value determines how quickly the body can absorb protein. Protein is absorbed faster when the BV is high and used faster to build muscle after exercise. To get the most out of your weight training nutrition, you should focus on the following sources :

Protein from eggs

In the past, weight lifters and bodybuilders would crack raw eggs into a glass of milk to make a protein shake. But today, the practice is now considered unsafe because raw eggs may contain bacterias, which may cause illnesses. However, cooked eggs are perfectly fine. The whites of the eggs are rich in protein and contain less fat and cholesterol than the yolks, the yellow part of the eggs. The protein in eggs has a Biological Value of 100.


The BV of pork, beef, and poultry is 80, which means they are all excellent protein sources. Although they tend to have a high-fat content, you can roast lean cuts instead of frying them. They all contain a lot of protein and can be classified as nutrient-dense sources. It is also worth noting that fish is also an excellent source of protein.


Some weightlifters who are vegetarians are fit and possess a lot of strength. They consume only plant protein and still perform at an extremely high level. While plants contain protein, it is much less concentrated than in animal sources. When beans and whole grains, such as rice or quinoa, are combined, they provide an excellent source of protein. In addition to nuts and seeds being very high in protein, they are also very high in fat. If you are trying to consume healthy foods, you should choose unprocessed nuts and seeds. This allows you to avoid consuming excessive salt or fats added when they are roasted.

Timing and frequency of meals

During training, athletes are encouraged to consume small meals frequently to keep their bodies in peak condition. Keeping energy levels high and supplying maximum nutrients to the body appears to be helped by eating every two or three hours. Ensure you eat a combination of carbohydrates and proteins. To combat the hormonal surge caused by the consumption of high carbohydrate foods, pair them with protein or fat. Protein-rich snacks are the most suitable to consume when you feel hungry. Your body will be able to rebuild tissue faster if you consume protein after your workout. Make sure you drink a lot of water after working out.

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