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How to get big arms

Achieving sizeable muscle gains is a common goal among many fitness enthusiasts. However, for the group of people known as hard gainers - individuals who struggle to build muscle despite consistent workouts and a balanced diet - the path to acquiring those big, toned arms might be a bit challenging. But don't lose hope just yet; there's a well-rounded solution involving a tailored workout routine and an effective natural supplement - Norateen Nitro.

Tailored Workouts for Hard Gainers
Hard gainers require more specific and focused workouts that can challenge their muscles to grow despite their body's resistance. When aiming for bigger arms, the focus should be on working both the biceps and triceps comprehensively and effectively.

Bicep Workouts
1. Barbell Curls: This is a staple exercise to target the biceps. Maintain your form, keep your elbows close to your body, and concentrate on the contraction and relaxation of the biceps with each curl.

2. Hammer Curls: This exercise helps target the brachialis, a muscle that lies underneath the biceps and can contribute to overall arm size when well developed.

Tricep Workouts
1. Close-grip Bench Press: The close-grip bench press not only works your chest, but also gives your triceps a great workout. The closer grip forces your triceps to shoulder a greater load than in a regular bench press.

2. Skull Crushers: Despite the ominous name, this workout is incredibly beneficial for tricep development. It involves extending a weight overhead while lying down, which intensely targets the triceps.

Frequency and volume are key factors. As a hard gainer, aim to train your arms at least twice a week with 3-4 sets per exercise, and 8-12 reps per set. It's important to progressively increase the weight over time while maintaining good form. If this is not working for you, reduce to once a week. If it is still not working for you, reduce to once every two weeks and concentrate on more compound movements for a while. Switch and trick the body.

Role of Norateen Nitro in Muscle Growth
Nutrition plays a crucial role in muscle development, and this is where supplements like Norateen Nitro come into play. This natural supplement is designed to increase muscle pumps, leading to more effective gym workouts and increased muscle contractions.

Norateen Nitro contains key ingredients such as L-Arginine, Citrulline Malate, and D-Aspartic Acid that help increase nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is vital for vasodilation - the expansion of blood vessels - which in turn enhances blood flow to the muscles.

Increased blood flow allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscles during workouts, improving endurance and reducing fatigue. This helps you work out harder and for longer, stimulating greater muscle growth. The enhanced blood flow also contributes to a better "pump," making your muscles look larger and more defined after a workout.

Furthermore, the amplified muscle contraction facilitated by Norateen Nitro helps in the effective engagement of muscle fibres. This increased engagement leads to more significant muscle microtears during your workout. The body repairs these microtears during rest periods, leading to muscle growth.

Building bigger arms as a hard gainer involves a combination of targeted workouts and proper nutrition. With exercises focused on your biceps and triceps, and the support of natural supplements like Norateen Nitro, you can overcome the hard gainer hurdle and achieve the muscular, defined arms you're striving for. Always remember, consistency is key, and even small progress is a step in the right direction. Happy lifting!


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