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How to boost Testosterone with sleep

Over the years there have been several studies that have shown sleeping to be a major contributor to elevated levels of Testosterone. Lack of sleep has been put down as a factor in decreased Testosterone levels in otherwise healthy males.


A recent study which was funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in the US found that Testosterone levels dropped significantly in men who did not get enough sleep, sometimes equivalent to ageing 10 years. i.e. equivalent to the Testosterone levels of someone 10 years older than them! These lower Testosterone levels affect more than just the libido, since Testosterone deficiency is also linked to lower energy, poor concentration, less muscle mass, more body fat tiredness and a decrease in strength.


This one particular US study analysed 10 healthy, lean men with their age averaging around 24 years old. When they were deprived of sleep, their Testosterone levels dropped by an astonishing 10-15%, with the lowest levels reported between 2-10 p.m.


The body does most of its healing and hormone production at night or during sleep. When you sleep, you regenerate and rejuvenate your body and you make sure you are producing enough hormones such as Testosterone for healthy functioning of your body. Those who do not sleep enough, cut short this healthy, necessary Testosterone production and end up having less Testosterone than they require.


This lower Testosterone production in turn affects a whole host of other things with a big knock-on effect on muscle mass, body fat, energy, confidence and mood. A very quick, effective and guaranteed way of boosting your Testosterone levels is to have more or rather enough sleep.


How do you know if you have had enough sleep? Well, it’s usually when you wake up naturally without the need for an alarm clock, or children waking you up or noise waking you up! When you wake up totally naturally and have that “fully rested” feeling, this is when you have had enough sleep.


Try and get yourself to this level of having had enough sleep for a few weeks and you will see your Testosterone levels will get a natural boost and you will look and feel all the better for it.

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