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How to avoid 3 steps forward, 2 steps back!

If you have been training hard to bulk or trying to lose weight for a while, you may have noticed that as you progress, you may also regress by a substantial percentage!

One day you look pumped and great after your workout. Another day you look weak and fat! One day you look ripped after your cardio and the next day you seem to be 5 months pregnant!

Why is that? And how can you avoid it?

The problem is that the body is a very complex being. On top of that, you add age, metabolism, diet, sleep, water, salt, drugs, heat, cold etc and you have a multitude of events messing about with your body and head!

You can be looking muscular and pumped one evening but if you have too much sugar, too much salt, not enough water and too much junk, you can look terrible the next day. Even die-hard bodybuilders can look bad from one day to the next.

What is the solution to avoid going backwards?

The solution comes in a simple word: Dedication. You see, the more dedicated you are, the better the results you will see. If you pay attention to all aspects of your training, cardio, diet and general lifestyle, you will reduce or totally avoid the “2 steps back” scenario.

Dedication comes in the form of paying attention to your diet and sticking to your plan and not diverting from it. A little diversion can set you back a long way. Think of it as a road. You go off track a little bit, thinking it is OK but before you know it, you have a long way to come back and a long way to get back to where you should have been.

Sticking to your training regime, sticking to your water intake, avoiding salt, avoiding junk foods getting enough sleep, staying away from drugs etc are all important to stop those days when it just seems that all your hard work was for nothing; those days when you feel like you have made little to no progress, despite feeling great a few days before!

This is where supplements come in. When you feel like something is literally dragging you backwards all the time, is when you need to add to your arsenal and start taking the right supplements to keep you on track. Fat Stripper Intense for example makes sure you keep lean and avoid eating junk. Norateen Heavyweight II makes sure you stay hard, tight and muscular. Vasculator makes sure you look pumped and like someone who works out, even out of the gym.

The 3 steps forward, 2 steps back scenario is not pleasant and affects pretty much most people. The trick is to be dedicated and persistent enough for it not to affect the overall big picture and your long-term progress.

The best of luck to you.
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