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How long can you take each Norateen Muscle Builder for?

This is a question often asked of LA Muscle. Firstly it needs to be said that LA Muscle as a company is geared more on the side of caution. So whilst many other companies may tell you to take their supplements all year round for years, LA Muscle does not recommend this.

It is always best to take a supplement for a period and then have a break so your body doesn’t get too used to it and your body can rebalance itself and monitor things regularly.

When you take a Testosterone booster all the time for years, then your body can get confused and start producing little or no Testosterone of its own.

However when you take a Testosterone booster and you take a break after a few months, your body can recalibrate and when you take it or something similar again, you keep getting gains.

You can take 1 or several Norateens for up to 2-3 months safely. Some people go up to 6 months with 1 or a combination of Norateen Muscle Builders. LA Muscle recommend that you have a break of at least 1 month following a 6 month usage of Norateen and ideally not take any Testosterone boosters in that time. If you want more size, you can take supplements like Nuclear Creatine and Explosive Creatine during the off cycle.

Norateen muscle builders such as Norateen Heavyweight II are natural and safe to take as long as you stick to the instructions (do not exceed dosages or start missing doses) and you don’t take them continuously without a break. The Norateen range has been a best-seller across the world since 1998. That is a long time in the supplements industry.

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