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German Volume Training

There is so much conflicting advice out there when it comes to gaining muscle size, gaining strength, and losing fat. One of the most tried and tested routines when it comes to packing on muscle, is the extremely simple, but equally intense, German volume training, also known as ‘GVT’. The premise of German volume training is very simple; no more than 2 exercises per body part, per workout, performing two main exercises for each body part for 10 sets of 10 reps. Workouts will focus on two main body parts.

A specific example of German volume training is; if Monday is chest and back day, and you choose bench press as the main chest exercise, along with lat pulldowns for the main back exercise, you would perform both bench press and lat pulldowns for 10 sets of 10 reps, alternating between the two exercises until 10 sets of each have been performed, rest times for German volume training are to be no more than 90-120 seconds between sets. It is not crucial, but optional, to perform one more exercise (per body part) for 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps following the main 10 by 10 exercises, but the important factor is finishing the main exercises.

With especially taxing exercises such as the deadlift, which use many back and leg muscles, or the squat, which works nearly all the muscles in the legs, you would not alternate 2 separate exercises like the bench press and the pulldown, but you would perform either squats or deadlifts alone for 10 sets, with the same 90-120 second rest. The squat and deadlift both recruit many muscles and will be very taxing to the body and central nervous system.

One important factor with German volume training, is tempo, and making sure every single rep is a perfect as it can be. Generally, it is wise to choose a weight for the main exercises that you could perform 18-20 repetitions with if you were just doing one set, so the initial few sets out of the 10, may seem quite comfortable. If we look at each repetition in 4 parts, using the bench press as an example; starting with how long it takes to lower the bar to the chest, next, how long you hold the bar at the bottom of the rep, then how long it takes to push the bar up, and finally how long you hold the bar stationary at the top before starting the next rep, we can time each part of the rep. If we lower the bar on a bench press relatively slowly for 4 seconds, do not pause at the bottom, push the bar back up for 2 seconds, and do not pause at the top of the rep, then the tempo is ‘4-0-2-0’. When performing exercises with a shorter range of motion, such as a barbell curl or tricep pull down, it is fine to use a slightly shorter tempo of ‘3-0-2-0’, as it is unnecessary to time 4 seconds over a shorter range. Using timed tempo ensures every repetition is controlled, and effectively working the muscle each time without cheating. Performing every rep perfectly ensures maximum response from the muscles, giving the absolute best potential for muscle growth.

Performing 10 sets of 10 repetitions is going to be taxing for anyone, especially using a challenging weight. German volume training is not dependent on every single rep being completed, and it is not the point of the program to go to absolute failure, as that is simply setting yourself up to fail on the following set. When following a German volume training program, if you were to get to set 6 out of 10 and felt you couldn’t perform another repetition after achieving 9 reps at the correct tempo, do not try and force an ugly final rep, instead finish your set there, rest for 90-120 seconds, and move on to set 7. When using the German volume training method, you may well find as your body adapts, some of the higher sets become ‘easier’ than the set you couldn’t quite finish before as you get used to the high volume.

It is key that you have sufficient rest when using German volume training to increase muscle mass and become stronger, so be sure to only train each muscle once every 5 or 6 days, to ensure adequate recovery alongside a suitable diet. If you were to train chest and back on a Monday, it would be beneficial for recovery to not train those muscles again until Sunday, with at least two days that same week specifically for rest.

Using high-quality supplements that are scientifically designed to boost your strength and muscle building capabilities such as Norateen Extreme and Vasculator, will help you train harder and more efficiently. You can use Norateen Extreme and Vasculator together to increase your Testosterone, GH and Nitric oxide levels to become stronger, recover faster, and put on much more muscle than ever before.

Many athletes and physique minded individuals have used the German volume training method and seen undeniable results when sticking to the program over time, and it is definitely worth a try for those that feel their training has got a little inconsistent, boring, or has become less challenging, or even just for anyone wanting to go up another gear with their training. With a suitable diet and the right supplementation, German volume training guarantees results, and along with LA Muscle supplements, you can use it to transform your physique and pack on muscle, fast.

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