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Foods That Stop Sugar Cravings


For most people, sugar cravings can be a nightmare and play havoc with your diet. Giving into temptation is the biggest issue but there are solutions to this problem with the best method being to eat foods that satisfy your cravings and keep your diet intact.

Check out this list of recommended foods that are proven to help you put an end to those physique-killing sugar cravings and keep your health and fitness goals on track.



As well as being an all round superfood packed full of healthy fats, avocados are creamy and filling. Just half an avocado on some wholemeal toast is a great snack to keep the cravings at bay.



Although you’d think this goes against what we’re trying to say, dark chocolate is well known for its health benefits and is packed full of natural antioxidants so makes the perfect snack, but only a few squares! Always make sure it’s 70% for good quality dark chocolate with no added sugar.



Research has shown that fermented foods have the same affect on your taste buds as sugar but with the added benefit of actually being good for you. Choices such as sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha are extremely popular and the probiotics and prebiotics found in them can also prevent sugar cravings.



Just as popular as peanut butter, almond butter is more nutrient dense so just a tablespoon of it is enough to have as a snack to keep hunger and sugar at bay. Opt for a natural, and if possible, organic version as a lot of them are packed full of added sugar. Always check the label!



A sprinkle of cinnamon to your meal or even your morning coffee should be enough for the popular spice to help you resist sugar until your next mealtime arises. It can also be added to wholemeal toast as a snack option.



Chia seeds are extremely fibrous and are proven to help eliminate sugar cravings. They can be added to anything from breakfast to desserts and make a great



Just like water, herbal teas are great for keeping us hydrated, but they have the added benefit of having a slightly sweet natural taste, taken from the herbs used, which helps kill off sugar cravings in between meals.

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