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Everything You Need To Know About Hydration: 10 Reasons Why You Need Water

Your body consists of 60 per cent water and the remainder 40 per cent consists of is muscle tissue, cells, bones, nutrients, and many more. Keeping this simple fact in mind, it becomes easier to understand why staying hydrated is essential for quality health.

Maintaining adequate hydration is essential for wellbeing, but many people still struggle with adhering to this lifestyle habit. For those who don't understand why hydration is salient, this article is for you.

Experts have given different recommendations for how much water you need to consume. But no specific rules guide how much you need. Some recommend drinking up to 11 cups of water daily, while others recommend 8 cups for women. For men, 16 cups of water are adequate. Every drop of water does not have to come directly from plain water; you can get water from other sources such as the food you eat, vegetables, milk, and fruits. However, try to avoid sweetened beverages as they may increase your calorie intake.

Every individual will determine how much water they should be drinking based on their health, activities, and the climate they live. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to drinking water to be adequately hydrated.

Knowing why your body needs fluids will help you determine how much you need.

10 Reasons why your body needs to be hydrated

  1. The blood consists of 90 per cent water, and one of its main functions is to supply the entire body with oxygen and nutrients
  2. Your joints need to be constantly lubricated to prevent friction which may damage the cartilage. The cartilage contains around 80 per cent water; therefore, staying dehydrated for long periods can reduce their ability to absorb shock, leading to severe pain.
  3. You need saliva to digest your food and keep your mouth and nose moist. Drinking water regularly will enhance digestion and keep your mouth clean. Choosing water over sweetened beverages will reduce your chances of tooth decay.
  4. Drinking enough water makes your skin look healthy and fresh. If you are constantly dehydrated, your skin will wrinkle prematurely and will become prone to skin disorders.
  5. Water is one of the essential components of the digestive system. Digestion begins in the mouth and moves down to your bowels. When you keep hydrated, you reduce the risk of constipation, heartburn, and stomach ulcers. Drinking plenty of water reduces the acidity of the stomach and protects the walls of the stomach.
  6. When you are well hydrated, your body temperature is regulated. During exercise, your body generates a lot of heat, and you begin to release sweat as a response. When the sweat evaporates, your body begins to cool down, especially when you are involved in sports or activities that require a lot of movement and energy,
  7. Hydration helps the body to receive nutrients and minerals because they dissolve in body fluids and blood.
  8. The kidneys need a constant fluid supply to function at optimum and remove harmful waste from the body. Since the kidneys regulate the fluid in the body, low hydration can cause kidney stones and other kidney disorders.
  9. Experts say that drinking enough water can boost your workout performance, especially during running exercises. Workout while dehydrated can lead to exhaustion and even more serious health risks.
  10. If you are trying to lose weight, you should replace those sweetened beverages with water. Drinking lots of water before meals can help you reduce how much you eat by creating a feeling of satiation or fullness.
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