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Eat THIS Before A Workout To Boost Muscle Growth & Fat Loss

According to some fitness and nutrition experts, when it comes to deciding what to eat before a workout, there is one food that is better than any other when it comes to muscle gain and fat loss.


Apples are one of the best carb sources you can have before workouts.This is because they provide a great source of fibre and a low-glycemic (slow digesting) carb source, which provides you long-lasting energy throughout your workouts so you don't crash.


Without going too much into the science, high-glycemic foods such as white bread, honey and breakfast cereal are rapidly absorbed by the body. This makes them great to eat if you're working out right away, less so if you need longer-lasting energy.


As well as the energy source that makes apples the perfect pre-workout snack, they can also be great at aiding muscle gain and burning fat.


This is due to the polyphenols that are in the skin. The main one in apples is called ursolic acid. The research in both humans and animals show that ursolic acid can increase fat loss, boost muscle growth, enhance muscle strength, increase endurance and even lower cholesterol levels.


The variety of apple with the most ursolic acid in it is the fuji apple, with around 100 mg per apple. Granny Smiths are also a great option with 75 mg in each serving.

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