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Don't listen to armchair commentators

One of the themes on social media about supplements in general is that they don’t work or they are unnecessary and that you can just eat and train and get the same results. This is ridiculous and the only people who make comments like this are ignorant people who have not used supplements.

When you take a supplement for example with a plant sterol that you cannot possibly ever get from food, you will get more muscle and strength. Period. So how is this the same as “just eating and training”?

These are the same people that probably say unleaded is the same as super unleaded. Sure, there is an argument for it just as there is an argument for just eating and training. Unleaded by itself will run your turbo-charged car. Just as eating and training will put some muscle on you.

However when you want to take things to a more serious level, you need supplements. Just as when you really care about your pride and joy turbo-charged car, you will make the choice to put a better fuel in it. All that research to give you a better fuel and you choose regular unleaded!

The problem with today’s world is that through social media and the internet, everyone is an armchair commentator and dishes out their often misconceived ideas to the masses. Many of the masses are also just looking for answers, looking for something to overcome their skepticism. For some, they unfortunately come across the ill-informed or the generally miserable people who never push themselves any more than normal. These people who come across the armchair preachers, never get the chance to try superior supplements like the LA Muscle ones.

Granted, some people cannot afford supplements, especially LA Muscle ones. For those, just training and eating will have to do. However be under no illusion that LA Muscle supplements contain ingredients that you cannot otherwise get from normal foods, no matter how much food you eat. Ingredients that have been scientifically proven to increase Testosterone, GH and a whole host of other muscle building hormones. They work and that’s why everyone from champion bodybuilders to Hollywood studios come to LA Muscle for results way over and above just food and training and even way above other normal supplements.

LA Muscle’s fat burners also contain a number of ingredients that cannot be found in your normal foods or even if they are, the amounts will be so minuscule that you will not get any results by eating the foods alone.

So the next time you want some real answers, talk to people who have actually used supplements and don’t rely on losers who sit behind their computer screens preaching to the world about things they know nothing about. The real-life testimonials on LA Muscle’s website or on review sites are a better place to start if you want answers from people who have actually used LA Muscle supplements.

Supplements do work

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