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Do I Keep My Gains Once Achieved?

You train regularly and eat well and get to a point where you’re happy with your results, so you then decide that you’ve more or less reached your physique goals. You ask yourself questions like “how do I stay like this?” and “will I lose any gains if I stop now?”


You would be surprised how often we get asked this type of questions. Whilst the answer is pretty simple, it is actually a very common thing that often confuses a lot of people so it’s best to clear up any confusion to make sure everyone knows the truth.


If you’re someone who has finally gotten to a point where you’re happy with your results and want to keep your physique as it is then, sorry to say, but it wont just stay like that. If someone diets a lot and gets super slim and then stops dieting and starts eating a lot again then they will put all of the weight back on, plus some more.


The key to maintaining a certain look is through balance. You will still need to eat enough to maintain your physique and will also still need to train. Whilst you won’t need to be super strict with your diet and training, you will still need to be consistent and do at least 60-70% of what you did before to achieve the results.


In terms of diet, you will need to consume enough calories to support your physical requirements. For example, if you got bigger and put on some extra muscle and now weight more than you did before then you will still need to eat enough each day to make sure you don’t lose weight. If you don’t eat enough calories you will lose weight, including hard earned muscle.


In terms of training, you don’t need to push yourself as hard as when you did to achieve your desired results but you do still need to keep your muscles firm and toned and that is achieved through stimulation which means training. Any kind you enjoy is fine, as long as its around three times per week so every two days you can do some form of exercise.


Maintaining a certain “look” is the same as looking after your health; you need to do things regularly to maintain them. If anything is lacking or suffers then do things to fix that and make sure they stay on track. A healthy physique and good general health require regular maintenance and that is why they are both always in high demand and desired by everyone.

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