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Busted! 5 Sexual Myths You Should Know

Every adult has had their fair share of myths when it comes to sex. You begin to hear about some of these myths from your teenage years or as sexual activity begins. Unfortunately for many, these myths persist into adulthood, preventing the way we perceive and enjoy sex. In this article, we will debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions that may be ruining your sex life.

Hymen determines virginity

The hymen is an indicator of virginity in many cultures to date. But the fact is that the hymen can say a lot about a woman's sexual history. The hymen size and shape of the hymen varies from person to person. Some people believe that the hymen covers the entire vaginal opening, but this makes no sense because menstrual and other types of discharge will not leave the vagina. This situation only happens in rare cases where it is a congenital condition called the imperforate hymen.

The hymen as an indicator of virginity is unreliable because some women are born without it. Also, some women have hymens that stretch, so they do not experience tearing or bleeding during sex.

Size matters

This is one of the most common myths that affect men's sexual health and body image. Many men are affected by the standards of pornographic media, which leads them to believe that bigger is always better. Men tend to have unrealistic expectations or ideas of what their size should be.

Body image affects sexual performance because of the thoughts that permeate the mind. When negative perceptions about the body are intense, it can distract a person from sexual stimuli. A person in this situation usually ends up with low satisfaction and dysfunction.

Sexual pleasure is not strictly dependent on the size of the penis. It should be a combination of factors, and the best approach is to communicate with your partner to know how best to achieve sexual pleasure.

Masturbation is bad

This is another common myth that mostly begins in the teenage years and continues through adulthood for some people. The myth that masturbation is harmful has been debunked many times by sexual experts and scientific research. While some people think that it is outrightly bad, others think it a normal behaviour in the absence of a sexual partner.

A study showed that masturbation is higher among people in a steady relationship – 85% of men and 45% of women masturbate. The study also showed that the frequency of masturbation remained steady over eight years, despite increased frequency of sexual contact.

The minimum sexual duration is 30 minutes

This is a sexual myth that affects men and controls their idea of what a man should be. Many men have unrealistic expectation that creates stress during sexual intercourse. Several studies have shown that the average duration for men without premature ejaculation is 5 minutes for European men and 7 minutes for American men. Studies have also shown that some men who last up to 25 minutes believe they suffer from premature ejaculation. There are no standards as far as sexual duration is concerned. The most important thing to consider is what your partner thinks or how they prefer to enjoy sex.

Sex affects athletic performance

Many coaches and trainers have resorted to banning sports performers from having sex before major sporting events. Recent studies have shown that sex does not have any effect on athletic performance. However, investigations are ongoing to establish a connection between the psychological effects of sex and athletic performance.

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