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Build Muscle With Just Your Bodyweight

Just because you’re in isolation and may not have any weights or equipment at home, it does not mean that you are unable to stay in shape and your health and fitness goals have to grind to a halt. While you’re forced to stay home, take advantage of the time to make sure that you get in a daily workout and make your health, and the health of your loved ones, a priority. Bodyweight exercises can not only be kept challenging but they are also proven to provide enough stimulus to build lean muscle and are proven to also greatly benefit fat loss.


Try some of these exercises in daily combinations to keep challenging your body with full body exercises to help build lean muscle. Done in conjunction with sticking to a good diet and plenty of rest you will see great results, even during these difficult times. The great thing about these exercises is how versatile they are and whether you choose to do them at home or outside in your garden or local park, you’ll be able to get a great workout done with no fuss.


1. Press-Ups


These have always been one of the go-to bodyweight exercises and one of the most well-known. You can do standard, close-grip, wide-grip, whatever your preference and do them when you need an upper-body focused exercise.


2. Burpees


One of the most hated bodyweight exercises because yes, they are a killer, but they are also one of the best. Whether you do sets of them or in a limited time, they will prove hugely beneficial to your training goals.


3. Squat Jumps


You may not have the equipment to do weighted squats but they are still hugely beneficial. Squat jumps add an explosive move to a regular squat to keep them challenging and get your heart rate going.


4. Spider Crawl


This is an excellent core and ab move and as a full body movement it will add a lot of stability to your body as well and is an exercise that stays challenging. You can also do them paused at point of contraction to really feel the burn!


5. Standing Long Jump


Another explosive move that’s a great lower body exercise. Your upper body and core do feel it too, but your legs will really benefit from the movement as well as the ton of calories it will burn.


6. Step-Up with Knee Raises


Ab exercises don’t have to be dull or done lying on the floor. Get something to step on around shin to knee height and raise your knee at the top of the movement. A few sets of these will work your abs and core properly.


7. Handstand Wall-Walk


One of the more challenging exercises, this exercise will really work your core and requires a good level of stability. Find a wall inside or out that you’re happy to get a few foot marks on, if necessary and try and do a few reps of these with the goal of working your way up to one day doing these for a few sets at a time.


8. Mountain Climbers


A key exercise in any bodyweight circuit, mountain climbers provides a great full body movement with a focus on your abs and core conditioning and are best done for a few rounds or for time and are a great way to burn calories and get your heart rate elevated.


With all of those exercises in mind, combined with others you may already know you should have plenty of exercises in your locker to keep training and stay healthy.


LA Muscle will continue to provide training and nutrition advice to help keep everyone active and leading a healthy life, especially during these hard times. Stay strong!

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