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Beginning Resistance Training As An Older Adult

There are a lot of people who have never lifted weights, or taken any interest in the gym, whether it be down to personal preference, or just a lack of requirement to train or lift weights generally. A lot of people are now deciding they would like to take more control of their bodies and physical ability as they get older, but are put off as they believe it’s a little too late, or somewhat pointless because they’ve waited so long. Strength training, lifting weights, or any kind of resistance training can be beneficial to all, even if you do feel like it’s something you should have started earlier. If you haven’t already started working out, now is the next best time.

As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass and strength, which can lead to difficulty performing everyday tasks such as walking upstairs, carrying groceries, or even something simple like having to get up from a chair. Building and maintaining muscle mass and strength can help maintain physical function and independence in older people, which can also be a huge factor in improving general confidence. If you’re worried about starting ‘late’, a lot of people can actually become stronger and fitter than others that currently lift weights with the right goals and required commitment, it can often be not a case of sheer amount of time spent training, but using time wisely when training correctly for specific goals.

Poor muscle strength and balance are major risk factors for falls in older people, which can be serious for the elderly especially. The more strength and muscle we gain, the better support our joints get, which also reduces how quickly wear and tear occurs from everyday activities such as walking and performing simple tasks. Muscle growth and making muscle distribution as even as possible improves balance, so learning how to exercise and perform certain movements at any age with good form will benefit many other areas of life, and lower risk of age-related injuries.

Using supplements that can help with your goals to build strength and muscle can help massively. Products such as Norateen Heavyweight II can help massively with motivation, strength and muscle mass to help you reach your goals faster with an extra boost.

Strength training at any age where you are healthy enough to do so has been shown to improve bone density. Regular strength related exercise also reduces the risk of more chronic diseases. Strength training for reducing the risk of illness applies significantly to people that haven’t been overly active until an older age, as the years that have not been applied to physical exercise or exertion can be a very negative factor for some people as they get older. Simply put, the sooner we begin exercising from an ‘internal health’ point of view, the longer term of benefit we gain.

Growing older will often put us off doing certain things, and as well as getting physically stronger, exercising and creating new goals can also benefit us mentally by keeping us more alert and giving us goals to focus on, just like many other hobbies. It shouldn’t be underestimated how much having something you enjoy, but also something that benefits your health, can help you. Someone who has never exercised before should absolutely not be put off by starting strength training, or any exercise, because they feel they should have started earlier. If you want to start a certain form of exercise but you have doubts, it’s better to get started, and start reaping the benefits now, than regret it even more later.

It's important to note that building muscle mass and strength as you age may require different strategies than those used by younger adults, but that also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, so if you have serious concerns speak to a physician or doctor beforehand. Working with a qualified fitness professional can help older adults develop safe and effective strength training programs that meet their individual needs and goals.

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