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Are Testo Boosters Bad For Women?

There are a lot of myths surrounding the use of testosterone boosters with a lot of opinions deeming them harmful for women to use in order to build a lean and strong physique naturally. A lot of negative opinions can simply be down to bad press as well as the undesired association with harmful and illegal alternatives, such as steroids.

In general, natural testosterone boosters are safe to use for both men and women and do not cause any harmful side effects. Testosterone is the hormone mainly responsible for lean muscle growth with men having naturally higher levels than women. Testosterone supplements are designed to help the body produce more testosterone naturally. They are also metabolized by the liver but instead of creating a new hormone they amplify and support the hormones you already have in your body.

For those not well informed, testosterone boosters commonly get classed in the same category as prohormones. Prohormones are sex hormone compounds that stimulate and amplify androgens including testosterone. When they enter the body they are metabolized by the liver and they become an actual hormone. Prohormones are widely illegal and banned in most competitive organizations. FYI, LA Muscle only sells natural testosterone boosters with every product containing 100% natural and pharma-grade ingredients.

Testosterone boosters are generally avoided by women as they believe them to cause side effects as well as making them more “manly” among other things, however we will take a closer look at their benefits and why women should consider them to help with their fitness goals.



If you have a healthy level of natural testosterone, you will benefit from lean muscle gains and an increase in aerobic power. Healthy levels aid the body in developing and holding onto lean muscle mass much easier than those with low levels.

Healthy testosterone levels in women have also, according to the AAFP, been shown to protect against osteoporosis. It is also stated that they might be able to prevent the weakening of the bones that afflicts post-menopausal women as hormone levels fluctuate.

Women who are getting ready for a competitive bodybuilding / bikini show or photo shoot will tend to use a testosterone booster to help them get in shape quicker as they are on a deadline and need something effective to get the desired results.



Why is it that men hold on to muscle and lose weight easier than women? Testosterone and weight loss in women are linked. An increase in testosterone levels will also help prevent fat accumulation and weight gain. Testosterone plays an important part in the metabolism of fat as well. There is a higher predisposition to being overweight in men and women with a fluctuating or low testosterone level.



Women who use a testosterone booster are likely to experience an increase in their libido with a higher sex drive than usual. Women who experience a lower than average sexual desire might tend to think that this is linked to their oestrogen levels, when in fact it is directly linked to low levels of testosterone, just as it is with men. GPs may suggest a natural testosterone booster to help increase sex drive as it is possible to notice a dramatic change in a short period of time.



It should be highlighted that if pregnant, or trying for a baby, women should NOT be taking testosterone boosters. This is because if pregnant, they cause a woman, and her unborn child, to display heightened male characteristics, such as an excess of body and facial hair, a deeper voice and swollen sexual organs. This is known as virilization and according to the National Institutes of Health, can occur from either a natural excess of testosterone produced by the body or supplementation.



Testosterone levels can fall drastically during menopause, which can contribute to emotional and physical side effects. Testosterone supplements can produce positive effects and aid women to keep their testosterone levels elevated.

Overall the conclusion would be that natural testosterone boosters are not harmful and if you’re looking for something to aid lean muscle growth in a safe and efficient way then they can help make the difference in your training and lifestyle, as long as it suits your requirements.

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