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A 5 Move Barbell Workout

Trying to decide whether to burn fat or build muscle first is a common issue with gym goers but one of the best things to do that does both is circuit training. A circuit can typically combine a few different pieces of equipment to complete a training plan that will work your chosen muscle group.


This 5 move barbell circuit will give you a full body workout that will ramp up your metabolism and boost lean muscle growth. Keep rest to a minimum between sets and it will also aid aerobic fitness. Keep the weight the same throughout the exercises as these will be done with minimal rest so around 50-60% of your max is ideal. Go for 5-7 rounds and this should be done as quickly as possible to reap the weight loss benefits.



A solid all-rounder, deadlifts will focus on the legs, lower back, core and posterior chain. Keep the move strict and focus on maintaining good clean reps. This exercise is a solid muscle builder and should be done with a smooth movement.



This is a full body movement putting the emphasis at the end of the movement on your upper body. Technique is key and the clean should transition smoothly into the press with the movement broken down into 2 parts as well as 2 parts on the way back down to starting position.



A standard squat movement that’s as effective as it is functional. Although leg-heavy, this exercise works every muscle group and helps develop a solid core. Front squats are well known for forcing the muscles into more growth.



Not only does this exercise help develop strong, defined shoulders but it’s also great for improving explosive strength and power. This needs to be strict as proper technique is vital but you’ll see good development by doing it correctly and avoid injury.



These can be done with lots of different equipment, or none at all, but with a barbell they help add stability to the movement and build a powerful lower body. Explosiveness will also benefit greatly for any activity or sport involving running.

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