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8 Ways To Lose Weight Quickly Without Exercising

A lot of people struggle with their weight and hate the idea of exercising. A lot of the time, it can also be the main reason why they even just give up completely as not everyone is willing to consistently exercise to see results in their weight loss goals. There are however, quite a few things you can do to lose weight without having to sweat at all.


This article is in no way suggesting that this is better or healthier than exercising. Exercising has a ton of health benefits before you even get on the topic of its weight loss benefits. Whilst a lot of the following tips combine to create a very good method of starting the weight loss process or even a lifestyle for some, we would recommend exercising a few times per week, just to add to the health benefits and really increase those results.


With that out of the way, here are some tried and tested tips for those of you who hate to exercise and want to lose weight without changing your lifestyle completely.




Bad food is the main cause for weight gain, with junk food, including snacks, being the main culprit. You don’t have to completely remove it from your diet but if you’re eating it the majority of the time then it needs to be swapped to be the least amount of food you consume in your diet.



Excess food intake is a major cause of weight gain and the best way to manage this is to size your portions when serving your meals. If you’re used to a big plate of food then start having a slightly smaller plate and eventually you’ll get used to it.




The simple science of losing weight is that you need to burn more calories than you consume. So with that logic, look at the calories of food that you eat and if its high in calories then substitute it something else you like that’s low in calories or you can even look for a healthier way to make it. That way, you don’t even need to eat things that you don’t like.




Some of the main causes of excess weight gain in any diet is excess sugar and salt. If possible, try and go sugar and salt free, but if you really cant then look for healthier ways to substitute them and use minimal amounts as well as trying not to add them to anything where possible. Once you’ve gotten used to it you’ll soon realise that from natural sugars and spices that a lot of foods are already sufficiently flavoured.




If you’ve ever heard anyone say that stress caused their weight gain, then you better believe it. Not only does stress boost your cortisol levels which in turn can cause the weight gain, but it also drives a lot of people to stress eat. Try your best to avoid stress as much as possible and find extra ways to relax.




It might seem like a good decision but its really not a good idea to miss meals. By that we also mean substituting them with weight loss shakes. NOTHING beats real food. If you have trouble with time or eating early in the day, just plan your meals ahead of time and make something in bulk that you can keep in the fridge and grab as you need it, but don’t skip meals. Your body needs the nutrition and it also keeps your metabolism and energy levels boosted.




Fibre, including all those delicious greens, are extremely important to your diet. Not only will they aid weight loss but they will also keep your digestive system ticking over and will keep you nicely full for hours and not needing to snack.




Now I know this one is technically exercise, but since its something us humans have been designed to do to get around it shouldn’t really be classified as exercise. So for that purpose, if you won’t exercise at least try and make walking your main form of transportation. Instead of getting the bus, train or car a short distance just leave a bit earlier, even if you set an hour aside, and walk there and back. That way, you’ll burn calories and get healthier without even thinking about it.

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