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5 Ways To Improve Concentration

A sharp mind can be one of the most critical assets in today's busy world. So, If you are determined to keep up with your game, there are ways to boost your brain function and concentration that are quick and easy to apply daily. Here are five tips to improve concentration and increase your brain function.

1. Meditate

In a world of distraction and interruption, staying focused on one task can be difficult at any time. Not only mindfulness meditation is scientifically proven to lower stress levels, but recent studies have also shown that practising meditation may help boost memory function in older adults.

Meditation has been proven to improve concentration, memory and general mood.

2. Drink coffee

Caffeine enhances neurotransmitters and improves concentration, mood, and performance. Plus, researchers prove that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Parkinson's or Alzheimer's later in life. So, if you are searching for a low-calorie alternative, iced coffee is your best bet. You can also add coffee to your LA Whey Gold protein shake for a sensational tasting protein shake with many health benefits.

3. Don’t multitask

According to the Harvard Business Review, multitasking drains your mental energy and makes you less able to focus on the task. Conversely, learning to single-task helps keep you more productive and makes you feel better about yourself and can increase your concentration.

If you have difficulty with multitasking, try the following :

- List all the tasks you need to complete (just thinking about them might be too overwhelming for your brain)

- Choose one and focus on it until completion before moving on to the next

4. Take breaks

If you're working on improving your concentration and boosting your brain function, it is important to take frequent breaks in order to maintain a healthy level of concentration. Even small, two-minute breaks can dramatically improve concentration, allowing your brain time to recharge so that you have an increased ability to focus.

You might be wondering how long you should be taking these breaks. If the task is particularly taxing or complicated, Take short break periods every 20 minutes or less often.

5. Exercise

Exercise is an important activity to engage in if you struggle to concentrate. When you exercise, blood flow to the brain is increased resulting in improved neuron activity and better concentration. Exercise is associated with many benefits; one of its main benefits is improving your mood. According to research, exercise helps reverse memory loss; so find an activity that fits your lifestyle.

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