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5 Tips To Get Summer Lean Quicker

Summer might be in full swing but due to the lockdown restrictions, with things starting to open (including gyms shortly!) it is only getting started for all of us. If you have a holiday planned shortly or just want to do a bit of last-minute slimming down, then these five tips should prove very useful in your attempts.



I personally believe that scales have no place in your home unless they’re for weighing your food or if you need one for medical or sport purposes (boxing weight, etc). The best way for 99% of people to measure their results is the mirror and how you feel. If you look more muscular, leaner, etc and feel better then what you’re doing is working. The scales show a number that should only be used for reference and not as something you need to measure your success.



One word; spices! Don’t add any extra salt to your food. It not only causes bloating but will also cause excess water retention. Spices are the key and you can add as many or as little as you like to your food and drink. Not only do they make your meals taste a hundred times better, they will also boost your metabolism. Opt for ones proven to aid weight loss such as cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and cayenne.



To speed up your metabolism and keep your energy levels and fat burning more efficient, you should be trying to minimise carbs in your diet but to replace those foods required for energy just go for foods with more healthy fats such as avocados, cheese, whole eggs, fatty fish and nuts. It is also a good idea to use a lot of coconut oil in your cooking instead of other oils and to help you feel fuller you can also increase the amount of vegetables you eat, mainly your greens.



Sugar is a major cause of weight gain so you need to cut that out immediately, if you haven’t already. If you’re not a fan of the sugar substitutes or sugar-free alternatives, then just opt for a bit of honey. Only organic honey should be used as anything else will still contain sugar. Organic honey is natural and only a very small amount is required to sweeten something such as tea or coffee.



Whilst you shouldn’t train every day as it will cause you to over train and be counter-productive, you should still be active in order to keep your metabolism firing and help you to burn more calories to achieve your desired results. You should still have 2-3 rest days per week but even on those rest days try and go for a long walk or do something else that will get you up and moving for at least an hour and try to minimise the amount of time you spend sitting down.

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