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5 Tips For Finding Motivation To Attain Weight Goals

Starting a journey to weight loss can be exciting at first but a difficult task to follow through. Many people want the easy way out, or they have bought a false narrative that they can achieve weight loss in a few days, but the reality is different. Sticking to a weight loss plan can seem impossible for many people because it involves many aspects.

For some people, maintaining the motivation to keep going becomes frustrating, and they may quit. But you are not a quitter, and that is why we have put together these tips to help you find the motivation to reach your weight goals.

Find a weight loss partner

Sometimes you stand a better chance of being motivated if you workout with a group or have a partner. And this applies to most things in life. A companion can keep you on your toes in a competitive way or give you a shoulder to lean on when you are low on motivation. The weight loss journey can seem lonely, especially when you need feedback to let you know you are making progress, although the scale may not give you the figures you want to see. There are different ways to have a weight loss partner. Your partner in weight loss could be your friend, neighbour or even your spouse. And if you can't find a physical partner to embark on this journey with, you can join online fitness communities where you will find people who share similar goals as yours.

Listen to a fitness or weight loss podcast

Motivation can come in different forms, from reading daily motivational quotes to listening to fitness podcasts. There are podcasts for people with different weight loss needs. These podcasts or shows are a great source of motivation since they share tips and resources to keep you on the path to weight loss.

Set realistic goals

Unrealistic goals are one of the reasons why your motivation may dip along the way. Setting your goals too high can have you burned out too soon and prevent you from actually hitting that goal. Focus on short-term daily and weekly goals to achieve long-term results. For instance, it is easier to focus on losing 1kg per week than trying to lose 20kg in three months. When you meet your short-term or weekly goals, you will be motivated to go all the way.

Never compare yourself to others

It is okay to be inspired by others, but never compare yourself to them as your journeys and goals may be different. Psychologists believe that people who gaze at celebrities or athletes for motivation hardly reach their weight loss goals. You are better off following fitness experts and nutritionists who can guide you through this journey.

Reward yourself

Positive reinforcement is a better way to motivate yourself than punishment. There are days when you will yield to certain temptations that may not help your progress, like eating the wrong type of food or smoking. Don't be too hard on yourself since there will always be setbacks. The best approach is to reward yourself when you reach your weekly goals. And when you don't, give yourself a little pat on the back and push harder on the next attempt.

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