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5 Supplements To Improve Your Performance

Gaining muscle, gaining strength, improving cardio, and just simply getting in better shape all require effort and consistency with training and diet. Supplements are everywhere, and can be confusing at times, especially for those new to the world of weight training and fitness.

Today we look at 5 supplements that are proven to contribute to superior strength, a better-looking physique, and improved performance whilst training, to really kick start progress and boost physical potential.

1. Protein
First, and possibly most obviously, protein. Protein is the most important nutrient there is when it comes to building muscle. Protein supports muscle growth and recovery after every taxing gym session and feeds every muscle to ultimately make them stronger, alongside a consistent weight training routine. Protein is found in meats such as chicken and beef, and other animal protein sources such as eggs and fish. It is widely recommended that someone wanting to gain muscle eats as much as 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily, but people often find it difficult to get enough protein from solid food sources, so it is often supplemented in the form of protein shakes, or protein bars (however, protein bars can often be high in sugars and/or fat). Whey protein in particular has been shown to be an extremely bioavailable protein source, easy to consume in shake form, and a great way to support muscle gain, along with minimal fat. LA Whey Gold Diet, and Slim Whey both provide a massive 50g of pharma grade protein per serving, with no inferior substances added.

2. Creatine
Creatine occurs naturally within our bodies and contributes to muscular power and performance. When supplemented, creatine is an effective, thoroughly researched substance proven to increase strength, and contribute to increases in muscle size, when taken consistently alongside resistance training. Nuclear Creatine, and Explosive Creatine are two premium creatine supplements, providing an effective dose of creatine, with additional performance enhancing ingredients, designed to amplify effectiveness and show real results, faster than alternative brands.

3. Citruline
Third on the list, is citrulline. Citrulline doesn’t always receive the same high praise as more well-known supplements, but it is a powerful and useful tool for anyone interested in getting the best out of their workouts. Citrulline is an amino acid that plays the helpful role of widening blood vessels, this increases the ‘pumped’ feeling in the muscle as we train, meaning we get more blood to the muscle itself, resulting in a better experience whilst lifting weights and superior muscle growth over time. Norateen Testo Day, Vasculator, Vasculator Extreme and Norateen Nitro are a few powerful muscle building supplements that all contain Citrulline.

4. Beta alanine
Next up is Beta alanine. Beta alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that when supplemented, can decrease the rate of fatigue when performing exercise, as it raises carnosine levels in the body. Carnosine levels increasing within the body reduces the rate that lactic acid builds up, which means muscle does not fatigue as quickly as it usually would when lifting weights, for example. Beta alanine is often used in pre workout supplements and is known to provide a slight ‘tingling’ feeling, which many people enjoy and feel contributes to their workouts. Possessed II pre workout contains an effective dose of Beta alanine, and also contains the above mentioned citrulline for an incredible boost to any workout.

5. D-aspartic acid
Finally, D-aspartic acid. Supplementing D-aspartic acid encourages testosterone production in the body, which is supported by several studies. One study has shown that 20 out of 23 males taking D-aspartic acid increased testosterone levels by over 40% on average, and even after ceasing to take D-aspartic acid, maintained testosterone levels higher than before supplementing. Testosterone levels play an important role in gaining muscle and strength, but also overall health. Several Norateen supplements created by LA Muscle contain D-aspartic acid, amongst other powerful ingredients that work in conjunction with each other to contribute to a superior physique, and superior results.

All the above supplements have been shown to contribute to being stronger, to better physical performance, and even to being more confident, both during and outside of training, because of their effects over time. Always try to use the highest quality supplements, like those produced by LA Muscle, where all the above-mentioned supplements are available at the absolute highest grade, throughout their wide range of supplements.

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