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5 Common Protein Shake Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Using protein powder properly can improve your nutrition and even help you lose weight. Protein shakes for breakfast can keep you full all morning and are much more convenient and healthier than fast-food breakfast options, like cereals and high-carb pastries.

However, it is possible to undermine your efforts to be healthier if you do not use protein supplements correctly.

It can be tough to build muscle, lose weight, or attain other fitness goals if you use cheap protein products, fill your protein shakes with unhealthy ingredients, and use protein powders at the wrong time. Get the most out of your protein powder use by avoiding these mistakes.

Once you correct these mistakes, you'll be back on track to reaching your fitness goals.

Using protein shakes as a substitute for meals

To lose weight, it seems logical to replace breakfast or lunch with a protein shake. With a busy schedule, this is usually seen as the easy way out.

However, if you want to build muscle on the other hand, you need food to provide your body with fuel. It is necessary to understand that protein shakes are supplements, which means they should enhance, not replace, your healthy living habits.

When it's tough to find time to prepare nutritious meals, try making the next day's meal before you go to sleep. Meal planning can help you make wise decisions rather than react to hunger pangs.

Adding too many ingredients

Buying protein powder is probably your way of supplementing your diet with extra protein for weight loss or muscle-building. One of the advantages of protein shakes is that they are simple to prepare and require only milk or water. And that’s not to suggest that adding one or two extra ingredients is harmful, but adding too many extras may not be as beneficial as keeping it simple.

You may not be able to achieve your goal of keeping it simple if you add almond butter, dried fruit, or crunchy nut mix-ins to your shake. Also, keep in mind that extra ingredients increase the caloric count. If you would like an extra flavour boost, you can try tossing in fresh fruit instead.

Not reading the product labels

Each protein shake is different. Before making a purchase, make sure that you read the label.

Many protein shakes will have the same amount of sugar and carbohydrates as protein. Others may contain artificial preservatives, and additives that could be counterproductive. In addition, if you are allergic to soy or dairy products, such as whey, keep an eye out for those.

Bad timing

A steady supply of protein is necessary for your body to utilize its benefits. Besides protein-rich meals, you can also consume protein shakes as a snack to curb cravings or as a post-workout recovery drink.

You should avoid using protein shakes right before exercise as they can have a diverse effect.

Buying cheap protein powders

Many cheap protein powders do not contain the amino acids your body needs for growth, such as BCAAs and leucine. Cheap supplements may also be high in fat and carbs, which you might not want for your fitness journey.

Invest in a quality protein powder that consists of a protein source that can help you reach your goals like LA Whey Gold which is a complete protein.

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