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5 Common Excuses People Use To Not Workout

When it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals, it might seem like there are obstacles constantly placed in front of you to stop you reaching them. Sometimes that can absolutely happen but it is how you deal with that will decide if you come out on top.


Here are five of the most common excuses that people use to not get a workout in and what you can do to overcome them and stay on track to achieve the physique you dream of!




Excuse: You had to spend more time than you planned at the job.

This happens to the best of us. You have to stay late to finish up that big project or somebody on your team screwed something up, and it’s on you to pick up the pieces. Should working a long day keep you out of the gym?


Fix: Be flexible.

Things aren’t always going to go as planned and when they don’t, you have to be able to adjust to make sure you hit your goals. Instead of a 16-set, monster chest-triceps day, try cutting that in half rather than skipping it entirely.


Or if you’re really crunched for time, try mixing in a total body circuit. It might not be ideal for your full workout plan, but something is always better than nothing. You could always join a 24-hour gym so you can get in whenever your work schedule allows and there is always the option to squeeze a home workout in.




Excuse: You had a slipup and want to wait for Monday, or for the first of the month, before getting back on track.

Let me guess, you’ve been binging on beer and pizza in the summer sun and instead of eating right the next day, you want a few extra days, or weeks, to eat rubbish. As if no good workout program could ever start in the middle of a week or month, right?


Fix: Don’t fall completely off.

It’s much harder to make up for days and weeks of skipped workouts and empty calories than it is to come back from one bad afternoon. If you make a mistake, accept it and move on. Get right back on track as soon as you think about it. Don’t wait for a fresh start, there’s no such thing.




Excuse: You’re being weak, and you’re OK with that.

Let me guess, you have a long list of valid reasons why you can’t make it to the gym. Do these sound familiar? It’s too late. … It’s too early. … It’s too cold outside. … It’s too hot outside. … The gym is too crowded? Such reasons, are weak. You’re being lazy!


Fix: Take a moment and remind yourself why you even train.

What were those goals you set out to accomplish? Get yourself together. Get off that sofa and get into the gym or crush a home workout.




Excuse: I might get hurt if I push too hard, go too heavy or try a new exercise.

Sure, what if you try something new and injure yourself? That’s one way to look at it but what if you try something new – safely, under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer or experienced lifter – and you find that it’s just the boost you needed to help hit your goals?


Fix: Believe in yourself.

You’re a lot tougher and more resilient than you might give yourself credit for. You’re not a delicate piece of china, so get in there try some new stuff and push yourself. You’ll be amazed at how you can transform your body by going just a little bit harder or heavier or by mixing things up altogether.




Excuse: The big game is on, and you can’t miss it. Or you want to play video games.

Your favourite team is playing in an important game and you can’t miss it. Or maybe you got home from work and just want to chill out and play video games for a few hours. How can you be at the gym or making sure you’re eating your healthy meals when you’re at a bar eating nachos and drinking beer cheering on your team?


Fix: Watch the game.

Nobody is suggesting that you actually miss a game. You just have to work around it and you’re allowed to stray from your diet now and then. It’s not set in stone. Just be flexible. Plan ahead and don’t get surprised. Know your schedule and plan your workouts around it. If you’re going to the bar, either set that up as an opportunity for your once-a-week cheat meal or minimize the damage by making smart decisions. Most places will have healthy options on the menu.

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