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10 things that can stop supplements from working

LA Muscle’s fat loss and muscle building supplements are the strongest on the market. Millions of people have seen incredible results from them since 1997. One of the most frequently asked questions some customers ask is whether the supplements WILL work?! The answer is always a big YES!

However, when it comes to muscle building and fat loss, certain things “can” affect the effectiveness of supplements and it would be wise to pay attention to them, to get the most out of your supplements.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol can be full of calories which counteracts your efforts to lose weight. Alcohol is also a massive oestrogen-elevator, meaning it defeats your efforts to boost Testosterone and build muscles. So if you are taking any fat loss or muscle building supplements, you should ideally avoid alcohol for maximum gains or at least reduce its consumption.

2. Cannabis/ Drugs

Another known oestrogen elevator and extremely detrimental to your body especially if you are taking Testosterone boosters and wanting to build muscle mass. Cannabis also has a tendency to sap your energy and motivation, so not the best thing when you have purchased your amazing supplements to get motivated and build a new body!

3. Stress

People underestimate the harm that stress can do, not only to your body but to your overall progress in the gym. Stress triggers the release of Cortisol, which is a hormone that commands your body to store fat and destroy muscles! Imagine, you are taking muscle builders or fat loss supplements but you are under heavy heavy stress. What do you think happens? Not much! Even the best supplements in the world can’t deal with your body well if you are constantly producing a hormone that keeps telling your body to destroy muscles and hoard on to fat! Pay attention to stress and try and reduce it with things like meditation, yoga, walking, taking a break and relaxing. This is the No.1 reason why muscle builders or fat loss supplements may not be working for you or may suddenly seem to stop working.

4. Dehydration

Your body is 70% water. To build muscles with muscle builders, you need to drink plenty of water. The same goes if you are taking fat loss supplements. You need to drink plenty of water to shift all that fat out. Without good water intake, you will not see the best results from your supplements.

5. Lack of sleep

When do you build muscles? When you sleep of course! Your fat burning furnace is also fine tuned at night. So if you don’t have enough sleep, you will not build enough muscles and your body will not be fully efficient to take advantage of the fat burning supplements you may be taking.

6. Over-training

Supplements like Norateen do without doubt increase your ability to train longer and harder. Supplements like Fat Stripper do give you more energy for working out longer too. However, there is a fine line between working out smartly or even a lot and over-training. When you over-train, your body will be in a state which will not allow it to make the best use of the supplements you are taking. If you are muscle building, try and do a split routine, giving each muscle enough time to recuperate. If you are trying to lose fat and taking fat burners, make sure you don’t over-do it and get so tired that you have no energy.

7. Protein

30% of your muscles are protein. If you are taking a muscle builder and your protein intake is low, then you will not get the best results. A supplement like Norateen goes into your body and looks for protein to synthesise it into more muscle. No protein, no extra muscle! The same goes for fat burning supplements. If you are taking fat burners, then you need to up your protein and reduce your carbohydrates for the best results from that supplement.

8. Diet

Paying attention to your general diet is very important. If you are taking a muscle building supplement, you need to eat like a bodybuilder and not like a bird! If you are taking fat burners, you need to not eat like a pig and eat more smartly. A bad diet can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your supplements. A good diet can make supplements produce even better results.

9. Missing doses

Some people don’t pay attention to the doses when it comes to supplements. They think it is OK to miss a dose here or there. Doing this will reduce the effectiveness of your muscle building or fat loss supplements. A Testosterone booster like Norateen should be taken as recommended and every day, not just on days that you train. You need that constant Testosterone boost day and night for best results. The same goes for fat burners. Many of LA Muscle’s fat burners have appetite-suppressants in them. You need to take them every day and as directed for that continuous appetite suppression and fat burning.

10. Taking too much

Taking too much of a supplement (over the recommended dose) or for too long can reduce its effectiveness. Why, you ask? Because your body will get used to it, it will get lazy and won’t do its own job well. This is why it is important to stick to the dosages and always try and cycle supplements. So, 2 months on and 1 month off. In the month off, you can take something else.LA Muscle’s supplements are the best your money can buy. Pay attention to the above and you will get the maximum gains from them.
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